Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Testimony in the Making

So I'm still on the job hunt. You've been hearing me say that for months now haven't you? I know, I'm bored of hearing me say it myself.

It's tiring really. Always being filled with such sense of hope whenever I get an e-mail or I score an interview or I hear of friends who are able to help me but after it all I feel like I've still gotten nowhere. Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate everyone who has been so supportive and so ready to assist me in any way possible, helping me make connections with people they know and what not.

All my friends tell me to just take this time and relax cos I'm definitely going to miss it once I start work. Others tell me I'm insane for stressing out about it even though I'm not really facing any pressure from my parents to start work immediately.

I've since cut back on that stress though..a lot. Because I finally figured out what it really meant to trust in God and His timing. I thought I knew what it meant back then, but I really didn't. I just knew it was the right attitude to adopt. Now though, I'm mostly alright with my current situation although of course sometimes it does get a little bit boring :)

I am always encouraged by the knowledge that a testimony will come from this soon. Of this I am sure. God really does like to show up and show off, and usually He does it when I least expect it. What a tease :)

So like Dory, I too will "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" for now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Baked A Pie!

No kidding, I actually baked my first pie from scratch. Excluding the puff pastry, cos I'm too lazy to make it myself. Okay I know the edges kinda look like crap but whatever, the filling tasted pretty good! Eugene Ting, are you proud of me?
Work in progress.
I'm beginning to feel like a homemaker.
I need a job.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Top: I got it from my momma!; Skirt: Online; Necklace: Equip (I think)
I look cock-eyed but whatever. I'm so lazy these days. To do anything. I haven't read my book in...almost 3 days. How horrible.
I really have nothing else to say. Bye.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flower Girl

Did this piece today. This is what bouts of boredom can lead to :) Don't quite mind it at all actually..am very happy with this one.
This is not an original though. I did my version of an Australian illustrator's work. Used old scrap ribbon to make the flower hair pin and fancy origami paper for her dress (also part of hair pin)


Top: Olio Folio; Jeans: Dotti; Shoes: Rubi
Time for bed. Night night.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sky High

Attended my church's (ACTS) event, Jazz Do It on Friday night at Solaris Mont Kiara. Weather didn't quite cooperate with the outdoor jazz party but it still didn't dampen anybody's spirit!
Thought I'd finally take my clogs out for it's first walk :)
Shirtdress: fcuk; Skirt: Supre; Clogs: Random Australian boutique; Necklace: Gift from a friend

Didn't feel like showing my face, but still wanted a shot!

Oooh baby. They're more stable than you think! I could actually walk around in them for a couple of hours- no biggie!
Okay bye! Tired and not in the mood for blogging.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Before My Time Ends

The title isn't meant to be morbid. On the contrary, it's meant to stir on some uplifting, soul-searching thoughts. I'm currently halfway through my book, 'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert and it's about a woman (the author herself) on a journey of self-discovery as she travels across three very culturally different countries. As the title of the book aptly suggests, she eats her fill (and more) in Italy, devotes herself to prayer in India, and I haven't reached this last section of the book yet, but I'm assuming she does a whole lot of lovin' in Indonesia. [I don't know how this ended up being a book review!]
So anyway, she does all these things that I'd never be able to imagine myself doing and it got me thinking, what would I want to do before my time here on earth is over? And so I made a list, as you do in such situations :)
In no particular order, I would like to:
1. Travel to a sickly romantic place like Paris, or Venice, or Rome (are only Europeans romantic?) and kiss like a teenager with my lover. Kiss as if no one is watching. (and no one probably is because they too are too busy sucking on their lovers' faces)
2. See at least one of my garment designs come to life- from my sketchbook to my wardrobe (or maybe even other people's wardrobes!)
3. Ride a hot air balloon :)
4. Cook a full three course meal from scratch. Dessert included!
5. Ride a tandem bike with my lover (preferably same said lover from #1) around a beautiful city (preferably also in the same sickly romantic places as in #1)
6. Witness the magical sight of turtles coming up to shore to lay their eggs. Also wouldn't mind witnessing little baby turtles as they struggle (oh so adorably) their way from shore to sea.
7. Catch Lifehouse live. This seems so petty, but I previously made a list of the bands/singers I had to watch live in my lifetime and I've managed to cross off most. Lifehouse is currently top of the uncrossed list.
Okay, I can't think of anything else for now. I'm sure more will come. I'm also sure that some will also seem less important ten years from now (like, maybe #7...maybe)
See, told you it was an uplifting post :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Couldn't Be More Random


A simple remedy to lift the spirits. Just what I needed :)

Photobucket Loved the way the light filled the room is all.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Dog Tulip

This is adorable! It's a 60 minute animation about a bachelor who finally manages to find love...in his dog, Tulip. I love any movie/book/(thing) that are about dogs and would buy/read/(whatever) it just because it's about a furry four- pawed friend :)
Don't know if I'd be able to stand a full 60 minutes of squiggly line animation though..

0:37 cracked me up

"Sometimes love really is a bitch."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Couple Dress Up

Chris and I attended his friend 's wedding last night so it was an excuse to pull out the new dress I got from my last trip to Australia! Hoorah!
The wedding was pretty sweet. They video-recorded the proposal process and played it for their guests to watch. I have to say, the groom really gave it his all. Now that's the kind of man to marry! *Coughcough*


Dress: Dotti; Shoes: Charles & Keith; Clutch & Belt: I got it from my momma! Almost everything I steal from my mom's wardrobe is 10 years older or more. True vintage :)


Say hello to Mr. Handsome. I even renamed this photograph Mr.Dashing haha. I don't care if he's dashing only to me! I will dash whoever I want to dash!


This One's For The Boys

Actions speak louder than words. Everyone knows that, or at least everyone has heard that saying before. But you know what, sometimes, words scream the point across.

Maybe I'm not making sense. I'm talking about compliments, boys. Compliments to your lady, your special one, your love's duet (Enchanted fan, anyone?) Every girl likes to hear the occasional "You look beautiful" or "You're amazing" or to slightly more hippie-esque couples, "You're like, totally awesome babe" *Peace sign*

Us women are a slight paradox. We are complex yet simple. Complex in that we sometimes overthink/ read too much into something but simple in that it probably takes only a small gesture from our men to solve the problem. I'm referring here specifically to relationships.

Seriously. It can't be that hard to say a sweet thing right? To go the extra mile? Key words being 'the extra mile'. Women need more than just L'OREAL to feel worth it. They want their men to make them feel worth it. In fact, if their men aced that area, L'OREAL would probably run out of business. What's so difficult about saying a few words that you don't normally say anyway?

A girl could be confident in herself and the way she looks, but sometimes she just wants to hear it from you to know that you actually noticed that she did something to her hair, or that she's put on some make up, or she's bought a new dress. We do a lot of these things for you after all (although we hate to admit it), so shouldn't we at least be acknowledged for it?

I, myself, as a [happily] attached girl, think we should.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cuffed Jeans Make You Look Shorter. Meh Who Cares?


Top: Olio Folio; Jeans: Dotti; Shoes: Orbit; Bracelet: Sportsgirl


Probably one of my favourite earrings. It looks somewhat 'Ah-Ma'-ish but you know what, Ah-Mas are cool!

So anyway, still am jobless :) And after countless horror stories from my working friends, I would finish my off my previous sentence with "...and happily so."

Nonetheless, it doesn't mean the search stops. Have to start working eventually and the ever increasing guilt every time I want to purchase something with my parents money (again) is pressuring me likewise. Had an interview with Club 21 a few days ago and I think it went well. What happens from there, is an update away. We shall see :) Let's hope the next update starts off on a happy note!

And no, Club 21 is not a nightclub.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh So Coco

I've blogged about her before but I just can't get over how great she is!! Girl crush!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

They're Comfy!

Cardigan: Coco Latte; Pants: Supre; Belt: I got it from my momma!; Shoes: Aldo; Bag: Louis Vuitton; Bracelet: Gift from Janey!

Apologies for the really blur picture. Came back after a really tiring day and quickly asked Chris to snap this for me on my handphone's camera. Curse you lousy 5 mp camera!

I bought these pants a while back when I was in Sydney but only finally wore them last night for the first time. They make my ass look long, as do all back-unpocketed high-waisted pants do. Chris had a good time making fun of me saying "So how long did you go jogging for in these?" while casually tugging onto my pants. Harumph. I stand by my pants!

Just as every Croc sandal owner would say in defence at least once in their Croc-wearing days, "They're comfortable!"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pastel Days

Top (worn inside): Forever New; Polka dot cardigan: Dotti; Denim shorts: Supre; Bag: Sportsgirl; Necklace: Gift from the boyfriend :)
When all you have is yourself- no tripod, no camera person- you camwhore.
Caught Step Up 3D with Chris. Loved it. I've actually enjoyed all three installation to Step Up. It always makes me wish I could do more than just the chicken dance. But you get what you're given hey? :) Fast feet just weren't on my list apparently.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Officially Graduated

And officially unemployed.

Here's goodbye to guilt-free mid-afternoon movie-watching, do nothing (literally) days.
And HELLO! to active, aggressive hunting. Of the job sort.

It's lunch time in offices now, so I'm blogging before I start making calls and shaking people -or more appropriately, the phone- while screaming "HIRE ME!" Why is it always lunch time whenever I decide to pick up the phone and start my mission?!

I sent quite a number of resumes out in the weeks before I left to Australia for my graduation. I lugged 2 phones around with me everywhere I went in Australia. One with my old Aussie simcard..and the other for my Malaysian simcard so I can be always contactable by possible future employers! Turns out I really didn't need to be that contactable. No future employers rung up. Nor did any friends for that matter! I got plenty of 'buy-FOREX' texts messages though. Am going to need some cash before I can do buying of any sort. And am going to need a job to generate said cash.

People say I'm fussy. Fussy because I want to work in the fashion industry. Fussy because they recommend some other big companies for me to apply to and I say "It's okay, I'm not interested." Fussy because I have a goal in mind, and I'm taking the necessary steps to get there.

To them I say, "It's not fussiness, it's ambition."
(Okay fine. I say that in my mind. What I really say is "Ppppffft..Noo. No. I... no I'm not being fussy. It's ..goal..mind...I'm getting to goal. Achieve.....I...Whatever! Your face is fussy!")

Really though, it doesn't bother me what people say. My family has been supportive and that's what matters. (even though my parents do occasionally think they can nudge me into the business/banking realm) Chris too, has been supportive and such a dear in this whole process. He hears me ramble on about the things I'm aiming for and whine when the day is being less than encouraging to me. Probably all he really gets from me is "I like clothes!" but at least he tries :)

I know that these dreams of mine were put there for a reason. God gave me these dreams. He gave me something to be passionate about and I'm very grateful for that. The last thing I want to be is someone without a passion for anything. As to whether or not I achieve all these things I have in my mind, I don't know. I shall let Him lead me on the map He has drawn out for me.

It's 2 pm. Lunch time should be almost over. Time to start hunting down my prey. Speaking of prey, PRAY for me! (Har-har. Admit it. I tickle your funny bone sometimes)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Frankie, I Love You!

Because I am too lazy for any real outfit post...I'll just put this one up so I don't seem like an irresponsible blogger again.

Will be heading back to Melbourne tomorrow for my graduation ceremony. Stopping by at Perth on the way back to Malaysia so I'll be off on a 2-week hiatus. Peace out!

Studded vest: Baci; Top (worn inside): Cotton On; Black skirt: Supre; Belt: I got it from my momma!; Necklace-cum-bracelet: Forever 21

On a side note, I stumbled upon a very pleasant discovery today! Frankie Magazine is sold in Malaysia! Oh baby, baby, baby wooo! I only came across this wonderful Aussie-born magazine during the later part of my stay in Melbourne, so I only have about 2-3 copies. I thought that now I've returned, I will no longer get to swim in it's colourful pages filled with whimsical art, glorious fashion and interesting articles.
But here you are, Frankie. Back in my arms. Oh how I love you. Definitely is more of a pinch paying RM30 compared to AUD9 though, but certainly worth every penny!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

15 Years And Counting


Chings. Ming. Siti. Pui Yee. Mei Lin
Yup. 15 years and counting of wonderful friendship. We've all known each other since we were little kids at 7! Now, we're all grown up and 22. (but I know all of us still carry that little piece of the 7-year-old in us)
A good catch up it was, last night. One filled with bittersweet memories and joyful reminiscing. We've not all stuck together throughout the years. Some went to different schools. Others just made different friends. But at the end of the day, bring us back together and it's like nothing ever changed :)
And this isn't even the full gang yet! Love.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Day The Bunny Got Her LV

*Jumps in the air*
Made a trip downtown to get me a pretty handbag. Picture below. After self-indulgent photos. Thankyouverymuch.

Top: I got it from my momma!; Shorts: Olio Folio; Cardigan: Seed; Shoes: Charles & Keith; Belt: I got it from my momma!; Bow necklace: Equip; Bag: Aigner (I got it from my momma!...Again)


Bow pockets!

Photobucket Bow necklace! Yes I love anything with bows. Fetish.

Spot the bruise! :)

Trying to look posh. Hehe.


There's my baby. I don't really buy anything designer..so this would be my first and probably only expensive bag for a long time. It's a graduation gift from my parents. It was this..or a watch.

The decision was obvious.

Heading East

Last weekend marked my first time ever on East Malaysian soil. Sarawak, specifically. For some reason while I was there, I kept referring to West Malaysia as a completely different country. You guys know the feeling?
"Oh..they don't have this in Malaysia!" Hang on, I still am in Malaysia. I feel guilty to be so disconnected from my country's counterpart. Foreign, even.

Well anyway, this first visit was a good start to knocking down that barrier. In many ways, it actually felt more '1 Malaysia' there. I'd rather not state why lest I get into trouble with some... certain authorities :) Peace I declare and pictures I leave with you.


Camwhoring in the airport :)


Cat monument. Our tour guide was going through the entire history of why Kuching was named as such but I got slightly distracted by that darned giant cat and the insane heat in the van we were in. I think it was named after the river? Eugene Ting, care to clarify? Haha. Speaking of which, Eugene, I kept looking out for possible 'Ting residences'. I was curious to see where you lived! I spotted a 'Ting & Ting Supermarket' (or something like that). Family business you never told me about? Haha.


Sarawak laksa. Yums.


My parents and I were there with a few of my dad's colleagues. My dad was the only guy; the thorn among roses.


Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. There's hundreds of acres of land in this particular wildlife centre but it's home to a mere 27 orang utans. The figures say a lot about this diminishing species. And such a shame too, cos they're adorable!


Feeding time. If I'm not mistaken, this female orang utan is named Delima. As for her baby, I'm not too sure.


My passport to the Cultural Village. Basically a huge piece of land filled with the different man-made houses of the various tribes in Sarawak. Loved this place! The houses they lived in are amazingly built and structured. Of course, the ones I went into were just for display and no one actually lives in them.



Menenun kain :) Wish I knew how to do that.


"Marilah kita berjoget!" (Let's dance!) I wish she'd really said that.


A little bit of a pottery class. This guy can make a clay goodie in just 2 seconds. Swift hands I tell you, swift! I tried my hands at it. Failed miserably obviously. Would rather not document my embarrassment here.

So there it is. A tiny part of Borneo that I can check off my map of "Places to Visit". Probably should start travelling around the rest of West Malaysia too. Any takers? :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why, Hello There Stranger.

Hello funnychubbybunny :) It's been a while hasn't it? Far too long perhaps? Apologies. Well I'm back. And I hope to stay. For... a while.
My days since my return to Malaysia have just been filled with family, friends and food. 3Fs. But of course there are also other non F-related activities. Okay that sounded wrong. I honestly didn't mean it. Haha.
No, but seriously. Aside from the 3Fs, I've been bumming. Did some resume sending. Attended an interview. Declined the job offer (Yeah I got it on the spot! High-5!) Now I'm currently taking a little step back from job-hunting. I realised that I have the rest of my youth (and then some) to work so no rush, ey?
This blog is hereby...REVIVED.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Times :)

So exams are long over and I've been MIA. My bad. I've had such a beautiful holiday so far. Chris came for a visit straight after my last exam and arrived just in time for my birthday which is just the cherry on the top. Hung out with my bro and sister-in-law before they moved for Perth. I'm glad I'm also leaving Melbourne soon, else I think I'd be feeling a little lonely without them around anymore.

Not really in the writing mood so I'm just going to leave some pictures to do all the articulating :)

Miss Marples and Dandenong= Yums.

Went to Sydney with Chris to visit my bestie Jane and attend Hillsong Conference. The conference was amazing :) No regrets. As for Jane, she's always amazing. Awwww.



Queen Victoria Building and it's gorgeous stained glass windows

@ Manly Beach. Chris needs to learn how to smile. Sigh. He always looks as if he's so unhappy being with me haha.

A kiss from Jane always makes the day brighter. *shy*

I loved Sydney. Darling Harbour is beautiful. Sydney Fish Market is sinful. Hurricane's ribs are succulent. The Opera House is opulent. Is Sydney better than Melbourne though? I can't really say I think so. Maybe because Melbourne has been my home for the past 3 and a half years that I feel a sense of obligation to uphold it's name :) And uphold it I shall.

On a side note,


Happy 2nd Anniversary, honey. twowholeyearsnokiddinghowdidiputupwithyou?! Heehee. YKILU.