Sunday, March 29, 2009


I can't help but smile as I reminisce.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Berries Are Red.

I went strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge, Mornington today! See how excited I was leading up towards the day that I even drew a pretty strawberry on my calendar! I don't know what it was about picking strawberries that got me so psyched up anyway. Maybe it was because I was going with friends :)

We (val, glenda, kang wei, jem and myself ) started our day off at 7 AM because jem was uber gung ho to take us out for an, and i quote "AWESOME" breakfast in St Kilda. Our expectations were high, and there our expectations were also met. I was surprisingly quite awake and alive for someone who would normally be waking up 5-6 hours later on a Saturday. I was just plain ravishing.

Anyway, this "awesome" breakfast place, turns out to be Mart 130. What's special about it is that it was actually a tram stop that has since been converted into a cosy-feely restaurant. It's situated right next to the train tracks :) Why Mart? Spell tram backwards and that's what you get! ( yeah, that's as creative as Aussies get. JOKES )

It was really nice to take my trusty DSLR out on a trip again. I love what my baby can do *wink*

meatball. emuill. fan tong (rice bucket/container : cos they say I like to eat a lot of rice. wth )

Look at my tomato shaped strawberry!!! We were so Asian okay. We were actually only allowed to pick 500 grams worth of strawberries per person. But we were so greedy and kept looking around for the biggest, reddest strawberries. Once we've fit all that we could, we stuffed the remaining holes with tinier berries so we didn't waste any space. LOL cheapos. Plus, once our boxes were maxed out with both big and small strawberries alike, we sneakily ate the less pretty ones in our boxes so we could collect more. Yes, you're not supposed to eat while collecting. Haha.
Polaroids from Glenda's new umm..polaroid! I *heart* vintage looking photographs.

nerd. emuill. meatball. geek. my artistic shot ( attempting to be one at least )

poser #1
poser #2
Took a portrait of this baby at Shoreham Beach, Mornington. I'm going to try taking more portraits from now on! I love this one! =]

At the end of the day, we left with memories and buckets full of laughter ( I really do wish that laughter could be measured as such. Then I could save some for my less happy days ).
I had fun :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Shucks Would You Look At The Time?

I am so the champion in time-wasting.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kangaroos A-Hopping, Wombats A-Sleeping = Excited Me


The trip was about 2 and a half hours long..cos we got lost halfway. But that's okay because we made it there in time for everything :)

For the first time, my wild imagination turned out to be not so wild at all. Kangaroos were all over the place! So much so that after a while we got quite sick of them crowding all over us begging for food. Still, they were undeniably cute to the core!

It was rather hot though. I never enjoy being out in the blistering heat because in the back of my mind I'm always thinking " shit, I'm gonna get black soon. " And usually I'm right. Emo. pictures!

camwhoring with valval.

This picture isn't very clear, but if you look closely you can actually see 2 koalas hugging each other to sleep! Koalas spoon too, you see. ann.ivie.val.eric.jem.kang

Chanelling the animals. Only less cute.

Only the park rangers are allowed to hold koalas because it's illegal for the Victorian public to. Sadly :(

Uber cute. I forgot this guy's name. But anyway, he lives with his wife, Coco (who's very bossy) and his son, Pop!

Took this shot when we first got there and while I was still very excited at the sight of kangaroos all over.

She (I think) hung on to my hands when I was feeding her :) So sweet. It did hurt a little bit though.

The 4 of us just got bored after a while so we decided to camwhore in the gift shop. Haha.

jeremy. kang wei. me. Getting a cobra high.

Wombat with a distorted nose.Me.

Some pictures stolen from Val's camera :)

That will be all from me today. Strawberry picking next Saturday! Yee- Ha!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Daddy, Can Buy Me A Wombat Please?

Going to Ballarat Wildlife Park tomorrow as part of the OCF Orientation Trip! Am so excited! I want to sit on the bus and sing " The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.."!!! I like bus rides with friends. Awesome fun stuff.

I want to pat koalas and wombats! I want to stare at the capybara and do cheek-pinching gestures! I want to act like a tourist! Apparently, there's a little picnic area where you can just sit down and enjoy your lunch while emus and kangaroos roam free! Maybe I'm getting a bit too excited because in my mind I am imagining bouncing kangaroos all over and I'm feeding them my sandwich. But usually things don't go as I had imagined. So okay, to save myself from disappointment...I'm just going to imagine one emu and one kangaroo. Even then, it's a stoned kangaroo. Not much to be excited about.

I should probably go get some sleep now. It's 1.11 am and I have to wake up by 7.30 am! I am cranky without proper sleep :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009


I want to go out on a date! Like now! I'm getting bored being alone.

But I'm so picky 'cos I don't want to go on a date with any random guy. ( Unlessss....said random guy= daniel wu/henney. Then I think I am obligated to myself to make the right choice. Ho-ho ) Anyway, it's not like I can go on a date with any random guy even if I wanted to. My market value has dropped tremendously since I met Chris. He has made me into a very corrupted being that would surely cause heads to shake vigorously when they meet yours truly. How, like that?

Sorry, am rambling.

On a completely different note, I I funny? Do people read my blog and lol? Or do they roll their eyes at my cheesy 'articles'? Or do they at least smile politely at my feeble attempts at cracking a joke? Or worse! Do they rofl at my bimbotic moments?!

Ah who cares. All I want is to make my friends laugh. I know I make Jane laugh! Don't I, Jane? :) ( Answer wisely. May I remind you that you hold some level of responsibility as a best friend *cough* )

Whatever it is, I crack myself up sometimes. :D

ps: would you take me out on a date please? :(

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deal or No Deal Win.

Yun and I went over to Chaddy today after class. It seems like it's becoming a Tuesday Tradition. Anyway, we played Deal or No Deal at the arcade (Yun's favourite game- what a loser) and we ended up winning 56 tickets!! Which isn't bad! So I got myself a 'diamond' ring for 45 tickets and he got himself 2 plastic wrist bands for 5 tickets each.

It's such a cheap piece of crap but I don't know why I really really like it!! It's pretty :)

LOL. Back to pointless blogging.

The Curious Case Of Me.

So many things I want to know but am afraid to ask of.

But still I can never resist.

Curiosity killed the cat more often than not.

I digress,

OMG I have a killer tummy ache and I'm in the computer lab now HELP! I only had one hot chocolate..made by my friend RU O. AGAIN! ugh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

There Is A Bright Side, As Dim As It May Appear To Be.

Everything's going to be okay!

Life's too short to spend it being a pessimist!


Friday, March 13, 2009



i guess it's just good ol' technology all the way

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Need Me Some Lovinnnn'

Does anyone else think the new iPod shuffle looks very much like a tampon? Sorry. It came in my e-mail today ( I don't know why I have stupid junk mail from Apple ) and I just had to point it out. Small talk. I'll give it up to Apple for being able to design something so sleek and tiny though.......just like a tampon. *cough*

I don't feel too well today. Ugh. I had a way too long day yesterday and as if that wasn't bad enough, everything within that day had to go wrong. ( Except worship practice cos that was awesome! ) Ever had one of those days? You plan it all out nicely; stuff to do, things to get, people to meet, time to rest. And on any other day, it would probably go 90% the way you planned it. But on SOME REMARKABLY SPECIAL DAYS..................they don't. Then you come across your friends laughing and chatting and you think " So much to laugh! Oh gosh I'm tired. What's so funny?! Can I just go home now? "

Argh. My head pounds when I sit down then get up and nature keeps calling (which is the worst! ) I only ate one meal yesterday, which was dinner, and I got it from Meeting Point at uni...sold to me by my very own friend, Ru O. Or should I say.... "friend". Pft.

My stupid boyfriend told me I was a drama queen ( while I was writhing in pain! sort of. ) when he himself makes so much noise and practically whines like a little girl if he's feeling just a little more tired than usual. Emo. Where is the love? WHERE?! Oh sorry dear, did I just emasculate you? :)

Maybe I'm not feeling well cos I'm blogging now instead of doing what I should be doing; rest. Shucks.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Keeel You!!

Stupid printer. Go die.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Rubik's...Pjs.

I went to DFO Essendon (shopping haven!!!) the other day, and i got myself a pair of rubik's pjs. They're so adorably geeky. I found out they were meant for men..but whatever. I declare these pants unisex.

Can u spot the REAL RUBIK'S CUBES? Of course you can! You should be worried if you can't though. Seriously.

Your basic 3x3x3 a master at this now *proud*

Your far from basic 4x4x4 cube. Just got it awhile ago, hence nowhere near solving. Reeffeecult okay?!

Once I've figured out how to solve a 4x4x4, someone (cough..anyone! i don't care!) can get me a 5x5x5 cube!
Yeah..that really didn't help with the cool factor. *shrugs* I'm cool in so many other ways I need some geeky-ness to balance things out a bit...lest everyone else look bad in comparison. JOKES :)


I think my blog's getting a bit gay.



Eh nobody's reading my freaking blog lah.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh, The Sweet Chase.

I miss the chase.

The chase. The process that takes you from crushee/crusher to boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh, what a sweet thing. I think plenty would agree. Girls especially. Because during the chase, everything about you was perfect in his eyes. During the chase, he made sweet comments and gestures that swept you off your feet. During the chase, you thought HE was perfect.

It's fun, isn't it? Being sought after? Knowing that someone out there is doing everything they can to get your attention? Bonus points if attraction is mutual! Minus 10000 points if said person is stalker, though. Actually, make that a million points. Desperate attempts to "woo" you (when you don't even know them to begin with!) just verges on creepy.

Back to the point. I love chases! This kind in particular :) I bluff. I only like this kind of chase because any other kind of chase would probably involve me trailing behind the subject and gasping for air like a true under-exercised loser. I loved having crushes! ( LOVED. Best be using the right term or I'm in trouble heh) Ask my high school friends and they'd easily attest to that! The 'Does he like me? Oh my gosh he said hi to me today! " phase, as annoying as it can sometimes get (considering the opposite gender can be somewhat dense and give out mixed signals), still proves to be the most enjoyable part of it all.

Ahh, the feeling when his name pops up in msn. *Subject's Name* has just signed in. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering as he rushes to say 'Hi! *smiley emoticon*.

Then there's first dates! And hopefully- if the subject proves themselves worthy- a 2nd and a 3rd! We're all big fakes out on our first dates, aren't we? We speak politely. We eat carefully, making sure no greens get stuck between our pearly whites. We sip gently, appearing cultured and well-mannered. We ask questions, wanting to get to know him/her that little bit better.

*reminiscent gaze*

Before you start asking me "Why the bitterness?", chup lah. As much as I loved the chase, even more so do I love the outcome. I love it when 80% of our obligatory politeness flies out the window when we find ourselves being so comfortable with the one we love. I love it that we no longer need to ask questions, because we already know the answers. I love it when we start speaking alike and share special catch phrases. I love it that we can move on from the superficial conversations to those of greater depth and understanding. I love it that it is the imperfections in us that makes love, love. I love holding hands. I love cuddling. I love laughing together over absolutely anything and everything. I love it all!

The downside? Aforementioned loved one could get too comfortable and burp in your face. Also, with inhibitions out of the way, you may find yourself "lovingly" teased to the very core of your being.

I think it's obvious. The pros outnumber the cons. For me at least :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I got a new phone! I got a new phone! Yes, I am THAT excited because I have been dying for a new phone since..2 years ago. ( Which is about the time I got my hands on the first free $29 cap nokia 6288. There's a reason why it's on a 29 cap. Okay finee, it wasn't that bad a phone, except it felt like I was pushing a brick against concrete every time I tried to slide it open..and my cover fell out so I had to UHU glue it back on. Nothing else apart from that. Served me well )

It's a pretty basic phone I suppose. But that's all I need anyway. It's got a 5 megapixel camera which came in good timing 'cos my Olympus is ...a little bit screwed up now :) I still find it hard to believe that we now have 8 mp camera phones out there but my stupid Olympus which is an ACTUAL CAMERA, is a mere 4 mp. Oh, the wonders of technology.

These are some of the pictures taken with the camera. Pretty surprised at the quality. Very happy :) The only pain is transferring them from my phone to my pc. But oh well. I can just use my DSLR for more fancy pictures :)

My mom really wanted her Pie in the Sky. So cute :)

Ashcombe Maze in Mornington, Peninsula

I *heart* my new shoes! AUD 29.95 discounted from AUD 89.90! Steal!

Red Hill Estate Winery

That's all today! It's late. Uni just started and it feels pretty good to be back. I've been idle for too long and I'm pretty excited to start studying again. Sucha nerd *guffaws*