Monday, October 11, 2010

This One's For The Boys

Actions speak louder than words. Everyone knows that, or at least everyone has heard that saying before. But you know what, sometimes, words scream the point across.

Maybe I'm not making sense. I'm talking about compliments, boys. Compliments to your lady, your special one, your love's duet (Enchanted fan, anyone?) Every girl likes to hear the occasional "You look beautiful" or "You're amazing" or to slightly more hippie-esque couples, "You're like, totally awesome babe" *Peace sign*

Us women are a slight paradox. We are complex yet simple. Complex in that we sometimes overthink/ read too much into something but simple in that it probably takes only a small gesture from our men to solve the problem. I'm referring here specifically to relationships.

Seriously. It can't be that hard to say a sweet thing right? To go the extra mile? Key words being 'the extra mile'. Women need more than just L'OREAL to feel worth it. They want their men to make them feel worth it. In fact, if their men aced that area, L'OREAL would probably run out of business. What's so difficult about saying a few words that you don't normally say anyway?

A girl could be confident in herself and the way she looks, but sometimes she just wants to hear it from you to know that you actually noticed that she did something to her hair, or that she's put on some make up, or she's bought a new dress. We do a lot of these things for you after all (although we hate to admit it), so shouldn't we at least be acknowledged for it?

I, myself, as a [happily] attached girl, think we should.

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