Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Is For Jane

It's been awhile since I've had a car ready for me to drive.

But all my friends have either left or are busy.

Or are in Sydney.
Jane I'm going to kill you for this torture when I see you in July. We could be shopping now. We could be.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Growing Pains

It has finally dawned on me that I shall be turning 22 this year. I am now ready to confidently (albeit reluctantly) respond with an "I'm 22" when posed with the inevitable question, "How old are you?"

Ugh. Twenty two. Dua puluh dua. I was hit with a big bang the moment I stepped through the open doors of the "twenties". It's not that I fear I'm growing old because well, obviously I'm considered to be very young when compared with the average adult in this aging population. Nono, that is not my predicament, if it can be even called as such. Rather, it's my inability to continue hiding and seeking refuge behind my teenage mentality. ( Chris would beg to differ on that 'cos to him, I'm still stuck in childlike mentality. Chris can also go eat poo. YKILU ^-^)

I can picture all of you over 25 now (if any) cursing under your breath, fists clenched. "What does she have to complain about?!" Please, relax. Crow's feet are never trendy unless you're 40 and up. Honestly, I don't know what I have to complain about either. Perhaps we should just ignore everything I just said.

I digress! Uni starts again in a week and a half! (Well actually, it starts in 4 days but I'm missing first week as usual!) It's hard to believe that all my 17 years of studying is finally coming to a halt in roughly 5 months. Then I shall don the horrendous square tassled hat and step into the next phase; slavery. Oh sorry, I meant work.

Nah just kidding. I'm sure I'll get a fine job. Hopefully one I enjoy? Hopefully one that brings me closer to my goal?? I don't know????? *Panics* Whatever it is, I'm not someone who's ever going to settle for something I don't love. I want to do...extra :)

And I will.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Melbourne, CNY and the Sun.

It's almost time. It's like every little good memory from home attaches itself onto my heart and dangles on a rope, making it heavier and heavier the closer I get to the day. For the first time though, I can picture the end. So that's good.

I'm choc full of drama. If nothing above made sense, don't bother. I just whine (especially) a lot everytime I'm about to leave home for Melbourne. Amidst all that whining though, I do have the occasional pop of excitement, like little bubbles bursting! I get excited when I think about seeing my friends again, about doing little day trips, about shopping, and believe it or not, about studying.

I need more bubbles.
On another note, how was YOUR Chinese New Year? ( Don't know why I bother posing a public question since nobody ever really answers except in their minds)

Mine has been different ever since a couple of years ago when my grandpa passed away. Chinese New Year used to mean Kluang (Johor), new clothes, lotsa angpau, ransacking and thrifting for goodies at my grandpa's everyday-goods shop, blackjack, dinners in restaurants, dinners at grandpa's and grandma's, dinners at uncle's, bloating as a result of all those dinners.

We don't really do any of those any more. I don't even go new year's clothes shopping anymore! Okay fine, to be fair, when I was younger I never shopped as much as I do now. So technically, I 'new year' shop once every few weeks now. But still, everything was just different. We did go back to Kluang this year again after so many years. Not. The. Same. No reunion. Not as festive. I miss it. Ah well.

Is it me, or is it insanely HOT lately?! It scares me to think of how it could possibly be in a couple of years' time. I already get brown when over-exposed to the sun here. 5 years down the line, I'll be getting crispy golden brown just like a perfectly fried chicken wing!

It is too hot it's not funny.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Bought this a few weeks ago from Etsy. It's called Fashionary and I love it! Cost me RM80 inclusive of shipping :( But that's okay! Makes drawing figures SO much easier!
My name in the byline!

Friday, February 12, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen passed away in his home yesterday on the 11th of February 2010. Suicide apparently. Sad, sad, sad.

Spring/Summer 2010, Fall 2009 Ready To Wear
Pic Credit:

I personally would never wear any of those shoes, but I still think they represent the epitome of design and innovation.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Trauma

Gift hunting for men is so difficult. Why can't guys be satisfied with a cute teddy bear or a pretty necklace like us girls?

Okay fine. I guess if I really did see Chris squealing excitedly over a plushie, it'd mean I have bigger things to worry about.

But anyway! I honestly think I've run out of good, within- my- budget, meaningful gifts. I could write him a sweet and romantic note...but I've probably already given him 30 of those by now. I'm not willing to give him something ridiculously expensive either, like a branded watch. It just doesn't make sense to me when essentially whatever I have in my purse now is from my parents, and I don't think my parents were planning on getting Chris a Tag Heuer anytime soon. Better gifts will come his way when I make my own money. If I make enough.


Maybe I'll just give him a hug :)
Anybody got any interesting ideas?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lazy Updates

I came to my blog so many times today (and yesterday and the day before!) with every intention of clicking on the 'New Post' button and getting started on actually blogging things I've been wanting to since...forever ago.

I blame it on work! The last thing on my mind after work is blogging. The first, is to eat and sleep :) But I paid a visit to my bestie, Jane's blog and I felt a sudden guilt for being such a poor blogger. Jane, you are an inspiration! Haha. No, really :)
This post might be long. As mentioned earlier, there were plenty of things I had wanted to blog about but just never got around to.

This post might be short. As mentioned earlier, I am also a very lazy blogger and may choose to cut myself off should my fingers feel tired.

*Blogging was momentarily interrupted when my big toe slid into a nice piece of wood from the parquet floors. Ouch. Had a quick little 'surgery' and I'm back!*

Work was good. It was an enjoyable experience. So the remainder of this post shall be dedicated to the things I learnt and pictures of the great friends I made.

Things I walked home with (apart from free make-up and notebooks!):

#1: There will always be people who want to bite you in the behind (and whom you also want to kick in the behind) but you just have to learn to shake them off- with style and class. *flips hair*

#2: It only takes a moment to make a wonderful group of friends.

#3: I actually drink coffee. Only iced though. Early mornings and half-opened eyes led me to it. Like nicotine through my veins. And no, I'm not advocating cigarettes.

#4: It takes a couple of guys, labouring over image after image from 9-6, in a special DI (digital imaging) room to make people look prettier than they actually are. Beauty sells..and you know it.
#5: The Devil doesn't Wear Prada at all.

Image 1 and 2, From L-R : Alvina (fellow CLEO intern), Anitha (ACP full-timer that loves us interns), Myself, Shalini (Cosmopolitan intern).
Image 3, Clockwise from L-R: Kong (designer), Lynette (editor-in-chief), Stephanie (beauty editor), Cherrian (designer), Ain (editorial assistant), Me, Aileen (sub-editor), Yook Hwa (web editor)

Friday, February 5, 2010

ByeBye Cleo

It's 9.12 am in the office

Last day.

More updates soon.

And to Fui...YOUR face is boring!