Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

I haven't been updating these past few weeks because:
1. there's nothing interesting going on...ever
2. I'm plain ol' lazy

Work has been quite tiring. It's fun...but I absolutely hate waking up in the mornings. I'm someone who needs 12 hours of sleep to properly function. Some days, I'll be busy running around malls and boutiques to get clothes or return them (which I super hate 'cos it's the least value adding thing ever!) Some days, my eyes get tired after staring at the computer too long. Usually get a headache after lunch when the carbs start sinking in and I get sleepy.

On other days though, I'm pretty free in the office so I just surf the net. And if I'm lucky, I come across real gems online. I've been trying to draw/illustrate some of these cute little things that I come it in magazines, internet, books..whatever! I love black ink over white pages! :)

2 most recent things: cute miniature vintage camera selling online, and characters on coasters sold on Etsy.

Yesterday, I spent HOURS following my magazine's fashion assistant to source for clothes. As an intern, my working hours are from 9am- 6pm for RM30 a day. (Yes I know it's not much. It's not pay, it's allowance. Your pay basically equals the experience you gain) Yesterday, I ended at 8.30pm. And I was left alone in Bangsar. My colleague couldn't fetch me back 'cos she had to continue sourcing (she's got it even tougher than I) I was so emo- which was a sign that my period is coming- till I actually felt like crying. WHAT! PMS LAH OKAY?! If you're a guy reading this, back off. Us girls can't control our capricious hormones!
SO anyway...I was walking aroung Bangsar Village- waiting for my parents to pick me- when I saw this very kitsch little cafe called bijoux. AND THEY HAD ADORABLE CUPCAKES. and they were RM5 each..but that information is secondary.
I bought 3 and I was happy again :)

ps: I recently came across a very helpful website called Rollip. It .helped me with all my photos today; giving them that vintage-y effect. Sure you can do it with Photoshop, but that'd take much longer and your results may not be consistent all the time. It's just 2 clicks of a button with Rollip! Quite literally :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scout's Honour

Okay, so I'm no scout (Eyuck! I kid! I kid!) but this year I vow to....

  1. take my baby DSLR around more frequently and snap snap snap away (anybody got extra Nikon D60 charger for me? I stupidly left it in Australia %%!^$%&. And I don't know why Blogger is hyperlinking my "profanities")'

  2. to work towards my dream bit by bit, day by day.

  3. to start illustrating again. I've been idle FAR too long.

  4. be a more genuinely caring person to those around me. Serious lah.

  5. to love more. God, family, boyfriend, friends.

Hooza! Here's to the new year! (Yes, I am aware that I am a week late)

Random: I feel like a getting a pet goldfish to call my own when I get back to Australia (I have like..20 at home in Malaysia, but noo..I just want one in MELBOURNE. I'm lonely) Just like this one with the cute beehind!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blogging From The Office

Am in work, researching.
Stumbled upon Versace's Spring Summer 2010 collection

So beautiful I could cry!

Oh by the way, hi everyone! Happy New Year! :)