Friday, August 20, 2010

Why, Hello There Stranger.

Hello funnychubbybunny :) It's been a while hasn't it? Far too long perhaps? Apologies. Well I'm back. And I hope to stay. For... a while.
My days since my return to Malaysia have just been filled with family, friends and food. 3Fs. But of course there are also other non F-related activities. Okay that sounded wrong. I honestly didn't mean it. Haha.
No, but seriously. Aside from the 3Fs, I've been bumming. Did some resume sending. Attended an interview. Declined the job offer (Yeah I got it on the spot! High-5!) Now I'm currently taking a little step back from job-hunting. I realised that I have the rest of my youth (and then some) to work so no rush, ey?
This blog is hereby...REVIVED.