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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Saw Swine Flew.

Wednesday June 24, 2009

Returning students urged to stay home

PUTRAJAYA: Students who travel back from the United States, Britain, Australia and the Philippines are required to practise self-quarantine for seven days.
-excerpt from The Star Online-
Ah shucks.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is what I do in the uni library...change my blog template

How's this? Too bright?

Keep or ditch?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

21 Before 21

I'm on my way to becoming a full fledged adult. Turning 21 never really excited me though. Neither did it scare me that age was 'catching up'. I guess I was just indifferent. Just another year. But I do expect beautiful yet simple celebrations with my loved ones though..and that's what excites me. I can't wait :)

Speaking of celebrations, Val threw me a little birthday dinner at Shira Nui aptly planned 21 days before my 21st. Had to do it this way cos everyone would be busy studying later..and she'd be back in Singapore by then. Not to mention that pathetic ol' me will only be taking my final exam on my actual birthday. Lovely, absolutely lovely! T.T

This thing is freaking gooood!!! I don't eat raw salmon right (or any other raw fish for that matter) but this is super awesome. It's nicely seared on the top and raw at the bottom. Glorious sushi. I was birthday girl, so I got 2. Yay.

Sashimi plate. Of which I ate only 10% of. I was forced to eat some salmon, so I did..I don't hate it as much as I used to. It's actually quite alright :)

I was having a majorly bad camera face this is the best shot of me. Hoho.
Glenda and her gigolos (one per night). Chosen ones: Kang Wei, Jem, Daryl.

Masterchef! Michelin chef ok! The guys kept loudly exclaiming that it was my birthday in the hopes of getting some free stuff. So when we took a picture with him, they rather unsubtly mentioned it and so he gave me 2 free tiny chardonnays! I gave one to Glenda cos it was actually her birthday the next day! After taking the picture, he....kissed us on the head. Took me by surprise but he looked so grandfatherly I just couldn't accuse him of 'fei lai'. (taking advantage)

I like this picture! Although Glenda's face is half cut off :(

Erm. Wearing Val's napkin bra over my eyes. We failed miserably at attempting to be cultured and high-class; what with Val making napkin bras, Glenda doing cleavage training and the guys burping alphebets.

So cute. KW looks so chummy chummy with Mr.Masterchef-san!

I *heart* polaroids! <3

I had such a good time. Great food, fantastic company. Thanks for organising Val! :) *mwah* Here's to the next 21 years!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The List

I wanted someone who would say all the right words, when I wanted to hear them.
I wanted someone who would hold my hand, just because he liked the way it felt in his.
I wanted someone who would be sensible, when I am being impractical.
I wanted someone who was scrupulous, yet free-spirited enough to bend the rules every once in a while.
I wanted someone who could impart wisdom in me, yet be humble enough to accept my opinions.
I wanted someone who was romantic in all sincerity, yet not to the point of being corny.
I got some. I missed out on others. But it's love all the same :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunshine, Won't You Be My Mother?


I really hate the cold. All I wanna do is shower.
I need fingerless gloves but they make me look like a beggar :(

I need the sun.
Preferably not on me though.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is for you, Eugenetic!!! (whom I know is blog stalks religiously)
Don't study till your brains burst! All the best and make me proudddd!
One broken pinky? Pffft, like THAT'S gonna stop Eugene!

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I'll get there one day, I will.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Of T-Shirts and Creation

========== It's all so distant, but I love the sound of 'we' ===========

So anyway, I couldn't seem to fall asleep last night so my mind drifted and drifted to all sorts of things. My mind already does that during the day when I have other things I'm meant to do, so you can imagine how much further it drifts away when I have nothing to stop me and bring me back me back to reality.

What did I think about yesterday? I thought about T-shirts. I know, who thinks about T-shirts at 1 am right? Well. I do. I thought about how weird it is; the way we put them on. We squeeze our heads into a tiny hole and then proceed to sneak our hands out from the OTHER two tiny holes by the side. It's good that God created us all flexible to an extent. Else we'd all have to live with button-down shirts for the rest of our lives and...ya I don't want to have to imagine anymore.

When I was younger, I used to think that God created people through a very high-tech, sophisticated computer program. I got this idea from watching the movie, Clueless. This grossly rich high school girl had a program that helped her plan her outfit for the day. All she had to do was drag the pictures of her clothes to the pre-generated, lingerie-prepped, full body photo of herself, and voila! At 10, I found that very amazing. So I thought, "Eh, maybe that's what God does too!" He picks noses, eyes, lips, etc from his Body Parts Archive (BPA) and puts them all together. He pre-determines our personalities too. Maybe He's got different bars representing different traits. (eg: kind, caring, smart) and he drags the tab up or down so you'd get 50% kind, 60% caring and 20% smart! (how unfortunate) Hence, no two people are alike :)

But of course now I know that's not how it works. God doesn't need a program to help Him. He took just 6 days to create the heavens and the earth, as if He'd need technology to assist Him in making us simple minded human beings.

But then again, who would know even if God DID use Agape Photoshop Version G.0.D???

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Way Back When

I miss being a kid sometimes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I have an addiction. Save me.