Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Was My Summer 2008

Been neglecting my blog for the past 3 weeks, my bad. My connection in Malaysia died on me (again! @#$%#$%^%$ ) so I had to wait till i got back to Melbourne to blog anything. And now I'm back :)

I was home for a little over 3 months, I can't believe how fast they went by. I hate it..why can't time just pass a little bit slower when I need it to. sighs. ah well.

Past couple of days have been just going here and there and shopping. My parents, uncle and aunt are down as well so...gotta take them around (or get them lost, considering their tour guide is yours truly nyehe) I miss home. Emo.
I had an awesome summer though. One filled with friends, family and one utama.

Firstly, my eldest brother got married, :)

Then the other brother became a full- fledged lawyer :)
But on both days, I was equally proud.

I hung out with my bestie, Jane, :) :)

And had fun with the girls.

Oh, and the boys :)

I went on vacations. Nowhere fancy, but still worth while :)

Oh right, and i might have hung out a little bit with this guy too. Memory fails me :)

All in all, I had a good, nay, GREAT summer. I'm back home now, and I'm feeling a little lost. Strangely, more lost than I've ever felt these past 2 years that I've been here and back for goodness knows how many times. Maybe it's 'cos you're not here. But what are YOU doing now? You're taking a nap. A NAP! EMO! U SUCK!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday, Chris and I headed down to Putrajaya for a cruise at it's man-made lake. The cruise captain very proudly announced that Taman Tasik Putrajaya (I think) is the biggest man-made lake in...get this, Putrajaya. I was hoping that he'd at least say Malaysia or something. Ah well nevermind, we got a good laugh out of it.

The cruise was about 45 minutes long (RM 30 per person); just circling the lake and checking out the scenery. The view was actually pretty panaromic, as the lights on the buildings and bridges came on after the sun had set. Like a true patriot, Chris mentioned (TWICE) that he felt like we were in a different country because the place looked pretty darn impressive. This kind of Malaysian...just deport him out already.

I'm currently using Phlook to upload some of my photos on my blog. I'm a little bit too lazy to Phlook 'em all. Sorry if it sounds like I'm cursing. Anyway, the good thing about Phlook is it allows you to write notes on the pictures. Just roll over the picture and click on the " option to write a note! It's pretty fun.

Was too bored on the way. *shy*

Look at that freaking poser. *shakes head*

One of the 4 bridges at the lake. Apparently, it's modeled after San Francisco's Golden Gates. *snigger* But okay's still pretty :)

All in all, I'd have to say it was enjoyable. It's nice seeing a different side to KL that you don't see everyday. Go on! Check it out for yourself. *promote promote*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Your Momma Warned You About

My mom once told me (and so did my girlfriends, who I am sure must've been similarly warned by their mothers; bless their doting souls) that when in a relationship, always make sure that the guy loves you more than you do him.

The first time I heard that, I thought " What sort of feministic statement is that? " That came from me, and I assure you that I am very much a female myself, thank you. Still, I didn't like the sound of those words put together in such a combative tone. Since when did love become a competition? "Oh..he loves me more, so I guess that means I wear the pants in this one!"

Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but doesn't anyone else feel that a saying like that strips away every possible ounce of romance? Yes yes, call me naive but why do we force ourselves to consciously assess our relationships to see if we're the ones getting the better end of the deal? Now you're probably thinking I'm so 'kua cheong'. But isn't it just like a deal when you find yourself being self-content, confident that he holds more affection for you than you could ever muster, even on your most lovey-dovey days?

What I hate most about it, is that it lingers in the back of my mind and patronizingly pops up whenever I've had a little tiff with the boyfriend, or if he forgets to call, or if he calls and doesn't sound the least bit interested (Guys, *deep sigh* The list is endless but you get my point). Makes me want to hold back all acts of affection just so I can say that I'm still in the game, I haven't lost.

These are just my opinions. I know there are plenty of girls out there who hold steadfastly onto this belief and I respect that. As for me, I'm happy just having a chance to love, and knowing that those feelings of mine are fondly reciprocated.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lawl. Yawn. This is a pretty awesome site. Stickman comics :)

Look at the look on the leaf's face! Classic

If you know what I mean... *wink*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everyone's A Supermodel

I just discovered a new trick on Photoshop. Seriously, PS is the single, most amazing creation for design amateurs such as myself.
I learnt how to make people skinnier and perhaps according to the world's standards; more beautiful. Introducing my guineapig and first subject, Miss Tyra Banks.

I personally think she looks good enough as it is. One supermodel who's not afraid to be a little more voluptuos. Sadly, not everyone would agree. So with a flick of my wand..

There! Now she's magazine front-cover-model ready! Doesn't matter that it's 40% fake. Noone really cares. Toned arms, prominent waist, accentuated eye makeup, brightened skin, darkened hair and slimmed face. Tyra's gonna be booking jobs left, right and centre now!
I did that only on my ordinary Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with Adobe Photoshop CS2 installed. Imagine what you could do with other more advanced programs! (and not to mention skills)
No wonder everyone's beautiful in magazines.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How To Be A Famous Blogger

New blog, new start. I've decided to open up a new blogging account after regretting having given my parents access to my previous xanga. Silly me for thinking that i would actually want to keep them updated on every single aspect of my life. Don't get me wrong, i love them to bits..but there are some details that a 20 (coming on 21, omg) year old girl/female/woman (whichever you prefer) must be able to keep away from her parentals.

For some reason, getting countless hits from randoms seem much more interesting and exciting than having your own family read your posts. How biased but i guess everyone wants to be famous. Heck, I wanna be famous! I've only just realised that I actually know quite a number of these bloggers with a greater than average readers' list. Okay fineeee, I don't know them per se, but I know people who know them. Same lah. Anyway, after careful analysis and consideration, I think I have found the key to being A Famous Blogger.

Step 1: Master the art of camwhoring.
Oh boi, if you thought camwhoring was all about taking random shots of oneself in one's bedroom, in front of a shopping mall bathroom mirror, in a car (hopefully, only when one is oh-so-fortunate to be a passenger and not the driver) etc, then my my are u in for a treat. Camwhoring requires greater skill and precision than it has been given credit for. Angle, lighting, expression all play a big role in getting it right. Lack the necessary practice, and you'll find half your face unwillingly cut out of the frame.

Step 2: Hit the clubbing scene.
Have you noticed that a sure winner post on any reasonably popular blog involves a dark club, smoke clouding the air and pink faces (no, not because the girls are wearing a lot of blush)? My instincts tell me that posts like those fetch the most interest. Perhaps, readers scroll down the post of what feels like 100 pictures in the hopes of some eye candy, both male and female..according to your preference. Which leads me to Step 3.
Step 3: Make friends with hotties and learn to pose provocatively.
This is an essential. Everybody loves them some eye candy. I'll be honest, when I blog hop, I just scroll through pictures and hardly ever read its contents. I check out the dudes..AND i check out the chicks (which for some reason, always seem more abundant and fun to watch. I am straight) So, to be the ultimate blogger, hit a club, dance the night away while of course remembering to photograph every moment of it, grab some good looking people and take pictures with them like they're your best friends.
I'm not much of a clubber..and I think we can also safely establish, am not very good in front of a camera. Hence, I suppose I shall have to settle with just being a blogger full stop.
Woe is me. I shall search for fame elsewhere.