Monday, September 27, 2010

Officially Graduated

And officially unemployed.

Here's goodbye to guilt-free mid-afternoon movie-watching, do nothing (literally) days.
And HELLO! to active, aggressive hunting. Of the job sort.

It's lunch time in offices now, so I'm blogging before I start making calls and shaking people -or more appropriately, the phone- while screaming "HIRE ME!" Why is it always lunch time whenever I decide to pick up the phone and start my mission?!

I sent quite a number of resumes out in the weeks before I left to Australia for my graduation. I lugged 2 phones around with me everywhere I went in Australia. One with my old Aussie simcard..and the other for my Malaysian simcard so I can be always contactable by possible future employers! Turns out I really didn't need to be that contactable. No future employers rung up. Nor did any friends for that matter! I got plenty of 'buy-FOREX' texts messages though. Am going to need some cash before I can do buying of any sort. And am going to need a job to generate said cash.

People say I'm fussy. Fussy because I want to work in the fashion industry. Fussy because they recommend some other big companies for me to apply to and I say "It's okay, I'm not interested." Fussy because I have a goal in mind, and I'm taking the necessary steps to get there.

To them I say, "It's not fussiness, it's ambition."
(Okay fine. I say that in my mind. What I really say is "Ppppffft..Noo. No. I... no I'm not being fussy. It's ..goal..mind...I'm getting to goal. Achieve.....I...Whatever! Your face is fussy!")

Really though, it doesn't bother me what people say. My family has been supportive and that's what matters. (even though my parents do occasionally think they can nudge me into the business/banking realm) Chris too, has been supportive and such a dear in this whole process. He hears me ramble on about the things I'm aiming for and whine when the day is being less than encouraging to me. Probably all he really gets from me is "I like clothes!" but at least he tries :)

I know that these dreams of mine were put there for a reason. God gave me these dreams. He gave me something to be passionate about and I'm very grateful for that. The last thing I want to be is someone without a passion for anything. As to whether or not I achieve all these things I have in my mind, I don't know. I shall let Him lead me on the map He has drawn out for me.

It's 2 pm. Lunch time should be almost over. Time to start hunting down my prey. Speaking of prey, PRAY for me! (Har-har. Admit it. I tickle your funny bone sometimes)

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