Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Testimony in the Making

So I'm still on the job hunt. You've been hearing me say that for months now haven't you? I know, I'm bored of hearing me say it myself.

It's tiring really. Always being filled with such sense of hope whenever I get an e-mail or I score an interview or I hear of friends who are able to help me but after it all I feel like I've still gotten nowhere. Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate everyone who has been so supportive and so ready to assist me in any way possible, helping me make connections with people they know and what not.

All my friends tell me to just take this time and relax cos I'm definitely going to miss it once I start work. Others tell me I'm insane for stressing out about it even though I'm not really facing any pressure from my parents to start work immediately.

I've since cut back on that stress though..a lot. Because I finally figured out what it really meant to trust in God and His timing. I thought I knew what it meant back then, but I really didn't. I just knew it was the right attitude to adopt. Now though, I'm mostly alright with my current situation although of course sometimes it does get a little bit boring :)

I am always encouraged by the knowledge that a testimony will come from this soon. Of this I am sure. God really does like to show up and show off, and usually He does it when I least expect it. What a tease :)

So like Dory, I too will "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" for now.

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