Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Bunny Time

Been up to heaps (except studying) this Easter! Hence the disappearance :)

First it was Easter Camp at Coonawarra Farm Resort. Beautiful beautiful. The place was 4 hours away so we had a nice bonding bus ride trip together, us Claytonites. Getting reception at the place was a pain though. Living without my phone for 4 days was rather tough. And apparently so too for everyone else who was lifting their handphones to the sky while walking around, in hope of just that single bar of reception. I, obviously, was one of them. But it's okay. It's good to get away from all those distractions sometimes, especially when camp is a time to focus on God.
Although, with enough searching (and the right handphone), I managed to find the perfect spot with 3 bars! *shy*

Brought my bear-bear hoodie with me. Hardly ever wear it around 'cos I feel a bit embarrassed. These are the things you buy in Korea (or any other holiday spot for that matter) because the girls looked cute in them and you think you would too...and then you end up wondering when you'd ever wear it.

Went canoeing! Paid only AUD 1.20 after dividing the cost by all of us! Joy :)

OCF Clayton. Sort of. There was an intruder...who obviously didn't know he was intruding..judging by his tall and proud stance. Find him on the right! Lawl.

OCF Victoria :)
And then I met Yuen Yen for a little shopping in the city. And Mei Lin came down! So Chingz, Sonia, Lin and I got a reunion together after over a year.

I like this modelesque looking shot of Lin :)

AND THEN! Lin and I went to Camberwell and it was DA BOMB. I got 2 gorgeous scarfs for AUD1 each! A Supre dress for AUD2, a pair of shoes for AUD2.50, and the zebra maxi for AUD22 (cos this one's brand new). I love ALL my buys! Hearts :)

Got a cardi from Friends of Couture for only AUD20! Super cute poodle prints :) This one's not from Camberwell though.
Had a good Easter! As you can tell from the photos.
On a side note, my parents are coming down on Friday! Joy!
Ps: Is anyone else having problem with Blogspot's stupid photo uploader?! IT'S super annoying! Doesn't allow to me blog with photos and words like it used to! @#$^#$%@$

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