Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh, The Sweet Chase.

I miss the chase.

The chase. The process that takes you from crushee/crusher to boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh, what a sweet thing. I think plenty would agree. Girls especially. Because during the chase, everything about you was perfect in his eyes. During the chase, he made sweet comments and gestures that swept you off your feet. During the chase, you thought HE was perfect.

It's fun, isn't it? Being sought after? Knowing that someone out there is doing everything they can to get your attention? Bonus points if attraction is mutual! Minus 10000 points if said person is stalker, though. Actually, make that a million points. Desperate attempts to "woo" you (when you don't even know them to begin with!) just verges on creepy.

Back to the point. I love chases! This kind in particular :) I bluff. I only like this kind of chase because any other kind of chase would probably involve me trailing behind the subject and gasping for air like a true under-exercised loser. I loved having crushes! ( LOVED. Best be using the right term or I'm in trouble heh) Ask my high school friends and they'd easily attest to that! The 'Does he like me? Oh my gosh he said hi to me today! " phase, as annoying as it can sometimes get (considering the opposite gender can be somewhat dense and give out mixed signals), still proves to be the most enjoyable part of it all.

Ahh, the feeling when his name pops up in msn. *Subject's Name* has just signed in. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering as he rushes to say 'Hi! *smiley emoticon*.

Then there's first dates! And hopefully- if the subject proves themselves worthy- a 2nd and a 3rd! We're all big fakes out on our first dates, aren't we? We speak politely. We eat carefully, making sure no greens get stuck between our pearly whites. We sip gently, appearing cultured and well-mannered. We ask questions, wanting to get to know him/her that little bit better.

*reminiscent gaze*

Before you start asking me "Why the bitterness?", chup lah. As much as I loved the chase, even more so do I love the outcome. I love it when 80% of our obligatory politeness flies out the window when we find ourselves being so comfortable with the one we love. I love it that we no longer need to ask questions, because we already know the answers. I love it when we start speaking alike and share special catch phrases. I love it that we can move on from the superficial conversations to those of greater depth and understanding. I love it that it is the imperfections in us that makes love, love. I love holding hands. I love cuddling. I love laughing together over absolutely anything and everything. I love it all!

The downside? Aforementioned loved one could get too comfortable and burp in your face. Also, with inhibitions out of the way, you may find yourself "lovingly" teased to the very core of your being.

I think it's obvious. The pros outnumber the cons. For me at least :)

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