Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Berries Are Red.

I went strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge, Mornington today! See how excited I was leading up towards the day that I even drew a pretty strawberry on my calendar! I don't know what it was about picking strawberries that got me so psyched up anyway. Maybe it was because I was going with friends :)

We (val, glenda, kang wei, jem and myself ) started our day off at 7 AM because jem was uber gung ho to take us out for an, and i quote "AWESOME" breakfast in St Kilda. Our expectations were high, and there our expectations were also met. I was surprisingly quite awake and alive for someone who would normally be waking up 5-6 hours later on a Saturday. I was just plain ravishing.

Anyway, this "awesome" breakfast place, turns out to be Mart 130. What's special about it is that it was actually a tram stop that has since been converted into a cosy-feely restaurant. It's situated right next to the train tracks :) Why Mart? Spell tram backwards and that's what you get! ( yeah, that's as creative as Aussies get. JOKES )

It was really nice to take my trusty DSLR out on a trip again. I love what my baby can do *wink*

meatball. emuill. fan tong (rice bucket/container : cos they say I like to eat a lot of rice. wth )

Look at my tomato shaped strawberry!!! We were so Asian okay. We were actually only allowed to pick 500 grams worth of strawberries per person. But we were so greedy and kept looking around for the biggest, reddest strawberries. Once we've fit all that we could, we stuffed the remaining holes with tinier berries so we didn't waste any space. LOL cheapos. Plus, once our boxes were maxed out with both big and small strawberries alike, we sneakily ate the less pretty ones in our boxes so we could collect more. Yes, you're not supposed to eat while collecting. Haha.
Polaroids from Glenda's new umm..polaroid! I *heart* vintage looking photographs.

nerd. emuill. meatball. geek. my artistic shot ( attempting to be one at least )

poser #1
poser #2
Took a portrait of this baby at Shoreham Beach, Mornington. I'm going to try taking more portraits from now on! I love this one! =]

At the end of the day, we left with memories and buckets full of laughter ( I really do wish that laughter could be measured as such. Then I could save some for my less happy days ).
I had fun :)


  1. hi!! i decided to visit : D

    i had fun toooooo and i love ur baby.

    The slr. haha.

    love, EMUILL

  2. *gasp* val drops by for a visit!
    must take note! :D