Monday, March 23, 2009

Kangaroos A-Hopping, Wombats A-Sleeping = Excited Me


The trip was about 2 and a half hours long..cos we got lost halfway. But that's okay because we made it there in time for everything :)

For the first time, my wild imagination turned out to be not so wild at all. Kangaroos were all over the place! So much so that after a while we got quite sick of them crowding all over us begging for food. Still, they were undeniably cute to the core!

It was rather hot though. I never enjoy being out in the blistering heat because in the back of my mind I'm always thinking " shit, I'm gonna get black soon. " And usually I'm right. Emo. pictures!

camwhoring with valval.

This picture isn't very clear, but if you look closely you can actually see 2 koalas hugging each other to sleep! Koalas spoon too, you see. ann.ivie.val.eric.jem.kang

Chanelling the animals. Only less cute.

Only the park rangers are allowed to hold koalas because it's illegal for the Victorian public to. Sadly :(

Uber cute. I forgot this guy's name. But anyway, he lives with his wife, Coco (who's very bossy) and his son, Pop!

Took this shot when we first got there and while I was still very excited at the sight of kangaroos all over.

She (I think) hung on to my hands when I was feeding her :) So sweet. It did hurt a little bit though.

The 4 of us just got bored after a while so we decided to camwhore in the gift shop. Haha.

jeremy. kang wei. me. Getting a cobra high.

Wombat with a distorted nose.Me.

Some pictures stolen from Val's camera :)

That will be all from me today. Strawberry picking next Saturday! Yee- Ha!


  1. patrick is the name me thinks ;)

  2. oh! is that so? i forget :D

    who is this btw