Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Need Me Some Lovinnnn'

Does anyone else think the new iPod shuffle looks very much like a tampon? Sorry. It came in my e-mail today ( I don't know why I have stupid junk mail from Apple ) and I just had to point it out. Small talk. I'll give it up to Apple for being able to design something so sleek and tiny though.......just like a tampon. *cough*

I don't feel too well today. Ugh. I had a way too long day yesterday and as if that wasn't bad enough, everything within that day had to go wrong. ( Except worship practice cos that was awesome! ) Ever had one of those days? You plan it all out nicely; stuff to do, things to get, people to meet, time to rest. And on any other day, it would probably go 90% the way you planned it. But on SOME REMARKABLY SPECIAL DAYS..................they don't. Then you come across your friends laughing and chatting and you think " So much to laugh! Oh gosh I'm tired. What's so funny?! Can I just go home now? "

Argh. My head pounds when I sit down then get up and nature keeps calling (which is the worst! ) I only ate one meal yesterday, which was dinner, and I got it from Meeting Point at uni...sold to me by my very own friend, Ru O. Or should I say.... "friend". Pft.

My stupid boyfriend told me I was a drama queen ( while I was writhing in pain! sort of. ) when he himself makes so much noise and practically whines like a little girl if he's feeling just a little more tired than usual. Emo. Where is the love? WHERE?! Oh sorry dear, did I just emasculate you? :)

Maybe I'm not feeling well cos I'm blogging now instead of doing what I should be doing; rest. Shucks.

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