Saturday, May 2, 2009

안녕하세요! (an nyeong ha se yo!)

I'm fumbling over my keyboard with my head buried deep in my KOR1010 textbook; making a weak attempt at writing a letter to my Korean penpal. I'm trying to make it as interesting and impressive as possible, yet all I can come up with in this foreign language.... is that I love Japanese food. At this rate, I think I can just forget about my imaginary penpal ever picking up that pen to respond to these scribblings disguising itself as a letter.

I apologise, Sumi-shi, that I am unable to offer you the stimulating conversations that you were looking for in a penpal. (Perhaps you should've been more specific in your ad. Just saying) I apologise for the pain in the back of your eye sockets because you can't help but roll your eyes at my indistinguishable 'sentences' in all of it's grammatical horror. I apologise that I don't even know how to say "You suck" in Korean because honestly, you do.

Seriously, why is it so hard to come up with 20 sentences about my likes and dislikes and my daily routine? I'm guessing it's because I'm trying my hardest not to stick to just what I've learnt in Korean classes these past 8 weeks. I want to come up with my own sentences! Ones that don't involve me going to the library every single day.....during the school holidays! I have more of a life than that!

*defiant stare*

I digress,

How amazingly language has evolved over time. Humans are more sophisticated than given credit for. Darwin, piece of advice for you wherever you are, forget about human evolution. Consider the evolution of languages instead. Befuddle you it will. We've come a long way, haven't we? I wonder what mind boggling things humans will be coming up with in the future.

Ps: I'm kidding. I love my korean classes and I think my assignment is fun. Beats Management assignments at least :D

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