Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Erm. Itu Thing, Ya Ya Itu!

My malay is crap. It has always been crap, but now it's even crappier. I can't even put a proper sentence together anymore.

I ordered 2 dresses from an online boutique in Malaysia and the courier service had some trouble locating my house because apparently their "budak tak boleh jumpa rumah saya"* which is located like..in the middle of the jungle or so it seems.

So anyway, I was trying to explain to the receptionist the situation and here's how it went down:

Lady: Ok. So sekarang kamu beri contact number consignee so kita boleh tahu apa dia mahu buat. (Ok. So give me the contact number of the consignee/receiver so he/she can tell us what he/she'd like us to do with the package)

Me: Um. Nono. Tak payah. Because itu memang benda saya. Saya just panggil from Australia tapi I'm memang supposed to receive benda itu. So then can I just ask you guys to hantar lagi to the same address? (Um. Nono. No need 'cos the package is mine. I'm just calling from Australia but what's being sent to that address in Malaysia is for me. So then can I just ask you guys to send it again to the same address?)

Lady: Oh ok. Mana rumah kamu ya? Ada apa landmark? (Where's your house? Any landmarks?)

Me: Um. Opposite Sekolah Bandar Utama. Lepas McDonald's and Centrepoint. Um, lepas itu...bridge. Itu Bandar Utama bridge. Untuk kereta punya *laughs for a moment at the stupidity of my own sentence* Um..flyover! Yeah sebelum BU12. (Um. Opposite Bandar Utama School, after McDonald's and Centrepoint. Um, after that bridge. The Bandar Utama bridge. The one for cars. Um.. flyover! Yeah before BU12.)

Retarded. How did I get A1 for SPM? It's not my fault! She should be the one speaking English! Eesh.

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