Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'm feeling unmotivated. No, not demotivated because that would mean the existence of some initial level of motivation which has since diminished. Motivation never took its launch for me this semester. At the very most, I had little fireworks of it. They went up into the sky, burst into an array of mesmerising colours, then its remnants in the form of ashes fell to the ground.

Am babbling. Apologies. Sometimes I like to appear smart by putting big words (by my standards ok, shut up) together; conjuring up paragraphs that make me sound articulate, but actually don't mean much in its entirety.

See, I did it again. I wasted your time.

Uber hungry. Winter always makes me starve. Thank God for good metabolism, really.

It's the 1st of June! I can't decide if this semester has gone by quick or slow. At times, it seemed like everything was going at warp speed. Now though, everything's just slowed down. I count the weeks till I get to go home, and it always seems to be 6 weeks away. Maybe because I've been counting down every day of the week. Well okay, now it's *counts* 4 weeks left. EH FOUR WEEKS ONLY! where did week 5 go!? Perhaps the trick is to not count at all :)

Anyway, my exams are coming up soon! I think I'm the only loser who's so excited about exams. But that's okay, cos it's a good thing. I shall motivate myself to finish off one last chapter right now. Pray for me, dear friends! Much appreciated! :)

Ps:: Winter, I hate you.

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