Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday, Chris and I headed down to Putrajaya for a cruise at it's man-made lake. The cruise captain very proudly announced that Taman Tasik Putrajaya (I think) is the biggest man-made lake in...get this, Putrajaya. I was hoping that he'd at least say Malaysia or something. Ah well nevermind, we got a good laugh out of it.

The cruise was about 45 minutes long (RM 30 per person); just circling the lake and checking out the scenery. The view was actually pretty panaromic, as the lights on the buildings and bridges came on after the sun had set. Like a true patriot, Chris mentioned (TWICE) that he felt like we were in a different country because the place looked pretty darn impressive. This kind of Malaysian...just deport him out already.

I'm currently using Phlook to upload some of my photos on my blog. I'm a little bit too lazy to Phlook 'em all. Sorry if it sounds like I'm cursing. Anyway, the good thing about Phlook is it allows you to write notes on the pictures. Just roll over the picture and click on the " option to write a note! It's pretty fun.

Was too bored on the way. *shy*

Look at that freaking poser. *shakes head*

One of the 4 bridges at the lake. Apparently, it's modeled after San Francisco's Golden Gates. *snigger* But okay okay...it's still pretty :)

All in all, I'd have to say it was enjoyable. It's nice seeing a different side to KL that you don't see everyday. Go on! Check it out for yourself. *promote promote*


  1. Miiinggg was stalking you on FB and now I'm stalking you HERE! Are you freaked out yet? :D

    You look so super pretty in the fifth last picture lah! *jealous* :) The background's really pretty! <3


  2. This blog dosen't sound like you! It sounds more...refined...sophisticated...and actually witty??? Gaps! What happened to those blond posts I once used to read? Ah but well, glad to see some things rub off on you. Ahaha

    P/S - You look great in the pics. *Wink*

  3. jane..so schweet of u *stares shyly down at the floor*

    u got stalk me on fb meh?

  4. you need a tagboard honey!