Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everyone's A Supermodel

I just discovered a new trick on Photoshop. Seriously, PS is the single, most amazing creation for design amateurs such as myself.
I learnt how to make people skinnier and perhaps according to the world's standards; more beautiful. Introducing my guineapig and first subject, Miss Tyra Banks.

I personally think she looks good enough as it is. One supermodel who's not afraid to be a little more voluptuos. Sadly, not everyone would agree. So with a flick of my wand..

There! Now she's magazine front-cover-model ready! Doesn't matter that it's 40% fake. Noone really cares. Toned arms, prominent waist, accentuated eye makeup, brightened skin, darkened hair and slimmed face. Tyra's gonna be booking jobs left, right and centre now!
I did that only on my ordinary Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with Adobe Photoshop CS2 installed. Imagine what you could do with other more advanced programs! (and not to mention skills)
No wonder everyone's beautiful in magazines.

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