Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain, Be Gone!

6.25 pm: Walked to uni for [incredibly stupid] exam. Felt crazy cold. Groaned out loud to self like a psycho over the precipitation that showered me. Took hurried paces in the dark, fueled by paranoai of being followed.

6.30 - 8.15 pm: EMO.

I absolutely detest winter with all my heart and soul and everything else that is in me! I hate it that I never know what to wear. I hate it that I end up wearing the same thing everyday because I have only that few coats/jackets. I hate it that my nose drips when I'm not even having a flu. I hate it that my umbrella turns inside out in the rain, making me look like a complete idiot. I hate it that it rains. I hate it that the rain smacks me in the face. I hate it that even if I turn and walk in the opposite direction, the rain STILL smacks me in the face!

*droancursemumblegroanewthemorarcrapazoid* I can't believe I have to sit for an exam on my 21st birthday. Oh well. At least I'll be going home not long after!!!

So I'm a brat that goes home every semester. Bite me!

2nd July hurry on up! *jumps for joy*

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