Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Camp 09

I'm back!
I've missed you funnychubbybunny!!! *hugs*
So what have I been up to these past 2 weeks that has demanded all my attention away from you? Easter Camp! Mid Semester preparations! And that's about it actually, I just got lazy I suppose. Sorry. You know I love you. :)
Easter Camp 10-13th April 2009. Portsea Camp, Mornington Peninsula.
180 Degrees.
"Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Romans 12:2

The beach in the morning.
And the beach at sunrise. (This was on the last day of camp and a big bunch of us stayed up the whole night just to catch the sunrise. I was hoping for dolpins to jump around. Nada. It's okay. The sky and sea is beautiful enough as it is )
Easter Camp joke.

Yet another Easter Camp joke :)
aunty ni the yu san gou dao wo the lian! (aunty, your umbrella hooked my mouth!)
bus uncle, ke yi kai men ma? (uncle bus, can you please open the door?)
mummy, ni ba wo de tou fa bang de tai jing le. (mummy, you tied my hair too tight)
it's funnier in mandarin...especially with whiny voices :D


Easter Camp cell group. Bathsheba. Excuse me while I gag at the ridiculous sight of myself.

"Check us out!" Yes..pun intended!

Ocf Clayton committee 2009 + beloved Chee Kai!

Stuck. Lol. Glenda's the cutest.

Yes, we liked the joke THAT much.
Ocf Clayton :D

Ocf Victoria

It's always amazing to go for Easter Camp where OCFs from every centre in Victoria unite for this special occasion. It's crazy; the amount of people you meet, the friends you make, the laughter you howl, the screams, the smiles, the tears.

I had so much expectations for camp this year. Last year was great, but I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should because I was in the organising committee. Nonetheless, I gained an experience. This year's message didn't have the impact on me that I was hoping for. Instead, the highlight of camp, for me, was worship. It was OFF THE HOOK! Awesome, awesome stuff... and that, I will never forget.

Some photos courtesy of Val, taken with Daryl's camera :)


  1. i know that joke! it's from debbie!

  2. haha really?!
    i don't know whooo started it at EC.
    cracked me up!