Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give Me My R & R

I think I need to ban myself from online clothes shopping. It's so addictive!!! I've already placed 3 orders so far. *guilty glance* I find that I'm most distracted by online shopping during examination periods. It's true! Every time finals draw near, I have this tendency to start clicking through pages and pages of clothes blogs. It doesn't help that there are millions out there and they're all pretty cheap. Oh well :)

Speaking of exams, these past 2 weeks have felt like finals season is here already. I've had mid-sem tests for 3 out of my 4 units. Tired. Had my last today and it feels sooo good to take a hiatus off studying. *lays back and soaks up the breeze*

I'm so excitedddd! Jane is coming to visit me in exactly 2 months!!! She got me this excited last year, and then let me down (shame on you, babe) but it's not going to happen this year 'cos she's already booked her flight! In fact, I'm the one letting her down because I'm leaving Melbourne so early. *screams* Janey, I'm gonna take you shoppppinngggg! *sing-song voice* There's so many other things to do in Melbourne, but all I can think of right now is shopping. I apologise profusely. But then again, I'm sure you don't mind!!!

We shall be reunited once again my love!

Ps: we better camwhore when you come over! I don't know why after 8 years of friendship we have hardly any nice pictures together!

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