Friday, March 19, 2010

Update- Not Really

  • Love seedless cold grapes.
  • Attended all my classes since my return. *Proud*
  • Went rock climbing for the first time and reached the top on two VERY HIGH walls! Seriously, they're the height of my house. Walked away with 6 bruises on my right leg. Very sexy.
  • Just spilled water over my notes as I was thinking of my next bullet point. Emo.
  • Lethargy, my enemy.
  • Miniature schnauzer or labrador? Hmmm.
  • Can't wait to be in Sydney with Chris, camping out with Jane and Kai! Oooh excites!
  • Addicted to Ugly Betty Season 4.
  • Could never ever possibly date any of the guys from the Big Bang Theory.
  • Forgot that I was meant to be studying Equities. Oops. Back to it then!

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