Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Is How It Came To Be...

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
"What is that mysterious ticking noise?", I thought.

"Ahem!" Said a voice from the distance.

Turning around, i met eyes with an adorable little rabbit. A fashionable one at that! Who'd have guessed that little rabbits knew how to accessorise!

"Hurry up! Hurry up!", it yelled. "You're late!"
"Late for what?"

"Just follow me! We need to be here in 2 minutes or I'm a dead bunny!"

*point point point point point*

"Oh stop poking at the book!", I said. "I'm not following you anywhere. You're awfully cute though! How bout you stay here with me! :) "

"No, no I can't do that! I'd be a dead bunny! A dead bunny I'd be!"

"Oh don't be silly! I'll protect you!"

"You like accessories don't you? Take this!"

*Hands over heart shaped bag*

Its eyes gleamed as it gazed upon the beauty that is the bag.

"It''s...perfect," it finally manages to utter.

"Well then, it's a done deal! You'll stay here with me from now on!" (what an easy little rabbit)
*completely ignores me as it continues gazing upon the beauty that is the bag*
And so, that is how it came to be, that I hunted down (and bribed) the most perfect
little rabbit in the world. We've been together ever since
-The End-
Ps: perhaps this post seems a little out of the blue. It's my entry for
AliceWonders's White Rabbit competition! So Bunny isn't quite white, but he'll have to do! :) Here's hoping I win!


  1. EH how come I didn't see this post one! :S BUT SO KIUT LA MING!! Win please! :D

  2. Oh and I super duper love your watch!!!! SUPER ADORABLE!!

  3. Saaank you! I hope i win too! *fingers crossed*