Sunday, March 28, 2010


How is it that some people can leave their countries to go overseas for a few short years, and suddenly they return with a crazy accent that is no way naturally developed?!

Enlighten me, because I cannot comprehend the matter.

Fake accents annoy me. Don't forget your roots!!!


  1. Sometimes people develop it when they are the only of their kind. If you're the only Malaysian in, say Canada, for people to understand you (even though its English), you need to tune your accent to match theirs. After listening to accent like that overtime, you'll gradually know how to mimic it. That's what I observe anyway.

    So for our friends in Melbourne, it's possible what if they hang out with local Aussies often. I doubt they purposely wanna fake it to act cool.. but to be understood.. you need to blend in.

    BUT if you live in Malaysia, surrounded with good people with Malaysian accent and suddenly develop an Aussie/American accent by yourself, i'd say they're super lame.

  2. lol..i can't believe you wrote such a long comment!

  3. Lolz.. good dose of caffeine when I saw ur blog entry. haha..