Monday, February 22, 2010

Melbourne, CNY and the Sun.

It's almost time. It's like every little good memory from home attaches itself onto my heart and dangles on a rope, making it heavier and heavier the closer I get to the day. For the first time though, I can picture the end. So that's good.

I'm choc full of drama. If nothing above made sense, don't bother. I just whine (especially) a lot everytime I'm about to leave home for Melbourne. Amidst all that whining though, I do have the occasional pop of excitement, like little bubbles bursting! I get excited when I think about seeing my friends again, about doing little day trips, about shopping, and believe it or not, about studying.

I need more bubbles.
On another note, how was YOUR Chinese New Year? ( Don't know why I bother posing a public question since nobody ever really answers except in their minds)

Mine has been different ever since a couple of years ago when my grandpa passed away. Chinese New Year used to mean Kluang (Johor), new clothes, lotsa angpau, ransacking and thrifting for goodies at my grandpa's everyday-goods shop, blackjack, dinners in restaurants, dinners at grandpa's and grandma's, dinners at uncle's, bloating as a result of all those dinners.

We don't really do any of those any more. I don't even go new year's clothes shopping anymore! Okay fine, to be fair, when I was younger I never shopped as much as I do now. So technically, I 'new year' shop once every few weeks now. But still, everything was just different. We did go back to Kluang this year again after so many years. Not. The. Same. No reunion. Not as festive. I miss it. Ah well.

Is it me, or is it insanely HOT lately?! It scares me to think of how it could possibly be in a couple of years' time. I already get brown when over-exposed to the sun here. 5 years down the line, I'll be getting crispy golden brown just like a perfectly fried chicken wing!

It is too hot it's not funny.


  1. melb means coming back to see us ya! ;)

    how much cny-ness can you get in melb? haha.

  2. of course! i miss u eug!! :(

    haha..cny long over...sort of