Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lazy Updates

I came to my blog so many times today (and yesterday and the day before!) with every intention of clicking on the 'New Post' button and getting started on actually blogging things I've been wanting to since...forever ago.

I blame it on work! The last thing on my mind after work is blogging. The first, is to eat and sleep :) But I paid a visit to my bestie, Jane's blog and I felt a sudden guilt for being such a poor blogger. Jane, you are an inspiration! Haha. No, really :)
This post might be long. As mentioned earlier, there were plenty of things I had wanted to blog about but just never got around to.

This post might be short. As mentioned earlier, I am also a very lazy blogger and may choose to cut myself off should my fingers feel tired.

*Blogging was momentarily interrupted when my big toe slid into a nice piece of wood from the parquet floors. Ouch. Had a quick little 'surgery' and I'm back!*

Work was good. It was an enjoyable experience. So the remainder of this post shall be dedicated to the things I learnt and pictures of the great friends I made.

Things I walked home with (apart from free make-up and notebooks!):

#1: There will always be people who want to bite you in the behind (and whom you also want to kick in the behind) but you just have to learn to shake them off- with style and class. *flips hair*

#2: It only takes a moment to make a wonderful group of friends.

#3: I actually drink coffee. Only iced though. Early mornings and half-opened eyes led me to it. Like nicotine through my veins. And no, I'm not advocating cigarettes.

#4: It takes a couple of guys, labouring over image after image from 9-6, in a special DI (digital imaging) room to make people look prettier than they actually are. Beauty sells..and you know it.
#5: The Devil doesn't Wear Prada at all.

Image 1 and 2, From L-R : Alvina (fellow CLEO intern), Anitha (ACP full-timer that loves us interns), Myself, Shalini (Cosmopolitan intern).
Image 3, Clockwise from L-R: Kong (designer), Lynette (editor-in-chief), Stephanie (beauty editor), Cherrian (designer), Ain (editorial assistant), Me, Aileen (sub-editor), Yook Hwa (web editor)

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