Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Trauma

Gift hunting for men is so difficult. Why can't guys be satisfied with a cute teddy bear or a pretty necklace like us girls?

Okay fine. I guess if I really did see Chris squealing excitedly over a plushie, it'd mean I have bigger things to worry about.

But anyway! I honestly think I've run out of good, within- my- budget, meaningful gifts. I could write him a sweet and romantic note...but I've probably already given him 30 of those by now. I'm not willing to give him something ridiculously expensive either, like a branded watch. It just doesn't make sense to me when essentially whatever I have in my purse now is from my parents, and I don't think my parents were planning on getting Chris a Tag Heuer anytime soon. Better gifts will come his way when I make my own money. If I make enough.


Maybe I'll just give him a hug :)
Anybody got any interesting ideas?


  1. I totally feel the same!!!!

    what does christ like doing? Kaj's case, eating, so maybe take hi to him fav eating place. or bake him something haha

    I"n terms of actual tangible gift, I"m in need of ideas too....

  2. HAHA why do you call him christ?!

    anyway, i can't bake. i can't cook. i can't do anything but draw and write sweet things. i've exhausted my quota on that haha.

    argh. men are difficult right

  3. hahaah, ooops? typo, something I"ll have to live with for the rest of my life...

    hahahh, exhausted your quota...