Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love and Such

This Is Thanksgiving 2009
Elwood Beach House

Kang Wei, Val and Eugene. Buddies looong time :D

Me and my adorable Glenda

And of course, you have to have some poser-rific shots ;)

with sexy pris and val
ming: model FAIL

I heart GGG! There was only us 3 that night but it was gila all the same. Thanks Kaitlin. You certainly are one of a kind. A gem, you are, a gem!! Ru O, you don't read my blog but I do love you to bits you silly little old boy! Haha.

I Am Home And Lovin' It!

Spent my one week with Jane before she left. Just last night actually. Miss you already :(

The bouquet that welcomed me as I walked through the airport doors, along with that cheesy grin I love.
Rare acts of romance must carefully recorded and noted! Who knows when the next occurence would take place? Heh heh.
I love you, Chrissyboi!

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