Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Malacca Is Yums

OCF 50th Convention:Malacca 9-131209

The weekend brought Chris and I to Malacca for the convention to join the rest who had already been there since Wednesday. It was nice to come together again, meeting a few Claytonites and also seeing those familiar faces from Easter Camp last April. Reunited and it feels so good *hum hum*

It was a blast! I love Malacca! I love the FOOD in Malacca!
Sataycelup sataybabichickenriceballschendollaksa mmmm nom nom nom
I love you baba nyonya!!!!

Food aside, of course the main reason to go to Malacca was for something bigger than that lah okay? It was to celebrate such a momentous occasion; OCF turning 50! 50 years of international students, 50 years of 'Reaching Out, Building Up and Sending Back', 50 years of God's goodness, 50 years of God's grace.

It's amazing to see so many generations of past OCF-ers coming together under one roof worshiping one God. Inspirational is what it is.

Okay, shots!

The view from my room. See the road down there? Forever jam. In fact, the whole of Malacca is in a constant state of jam. 11 pm also jam! I got stressed just watching Chris drive.


Jon, Glenda and Marc. Marching to our next feast :)

Jon. Ivie. Glenda. Marc. Charis. Chris. Ming

Past and present Claytonites!!!
Clayton FTW!

A polaroid for the memories

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