Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Updates For The Week

1. I am finally assignment free for the rest of the semester. My group and I handed in our 2nd and final assignment for Financial Analysis and Valuation (otherwise known as the most cursed subject available to mankind). We got our assignment in about 10 minutes late...but JUST in time before it was officially considered "late". If you know what I'm saying. So praise the Lord!

2. I have been having trouble sleeping at nights. I hop into bed around 1-2 am and I toss and turn for about 2 hours before I actually fall asleep. Then, I can't wake up in the morning. Such a vicious cycle it is. Doesn't help that daylight savings has ended (or begun, I never know) and Chris is now 3 hours away from me so by the time we've spoken on the phone, it's past midnight. (Green tea probably doesn't help either. And afternoon naps)

3. 100 sit-ups a day (etc). My new "pilates" routine that I have been rather scrupulously sticking to. I want to get toned. Not skinny, no. Toneddddd. Because toned= damn-diggity-hot. Ooh yeah.

4. I could do with a good bowl of pan mee right now. Mmm..and a side of that crazy awesome chilli :) Mr Nasi Lemak, Ms Laksa, Mdm Fried might wanna start running cos I'll be home faster than you can say "No!!! Don't eat..*gulp* "

5. I want to go to Bangkok! I want to shop. I want to pack my luggage(s) with goodies after goodies that will last me.....approximately 3 months :D Anybody been there? Shopping heaven or overrated pasar malam? Where are the good places? ANYBODY??

6. I'm getting closer to my dream/hope/desire. Said dream/hope/desire shall remain secret lest dream/hope/desire does not eventuate. But I'm working hard at it and I really hope it happens. All up to the Big Guy now. (pretty please????)

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