Friday, October 2, 2009

The Girls Whine And The Guys Groan

Girls, admit it. We love to whine. It's inherent within our DNA. We can't help it.

We whine about our bodies. " Ughh...I'm so fat! " *points to non-existent bulge*
" Why can't I have legs like Heidi Klum's?! "

We whine about our clothes. " I desspeeeraately need new shoes! " ('cos 10 pairs aren't enough)
" Ugh! Stupid girl has the Chanel handbag I want! " *coughcough*

And of course,
We whine about/to our men. " Why can't you be more expressive/affectionate? "
" Do you love me or not!? "
" My boyfriend doesn't call me enough! "
Bla bla bla you get the point.

Pity our poor men who have to suffer all of it. If us girls don't whine about our bodies or clothes, we'd definitely still have plenty to say about our boyfriends. Let me illustrate:

Girls get together for a night out without their other halves and what do they talk about? Their other halves. We whine over wine, compare our boyfriends and finally come up with two conclusions:
1) There's no such thing as the perfect boyfriend
2) We [still] love our flawed boyfriends anyway :)

Guys get together for a night out without their other halves and what do they talk aboutwerjshkwdqruwhujjkdjkufsassuynerldffwe
Who knows? Whatever it is, they bond over beer and probably come up with these two conclusions:
1) Megan Fox is hot.
2) " Eh hungry. Let's go mamak. "

It often crosses my mind how different men and women are. And each time I think about it, I laugh. Guys can be so......UGH sometimes! There's just no word for it. Sorry guys, but you really just don't get us girls at ALL sometimes. What goes in one ear, comes out the other. Case in point:

Me: We whine because you guys never listen! Okay let me give you an example. If say, I have a broken sink in my house, I'm going to call the plumber to fix it right? But after calling him once, he doesn't show. Twice, he still doesn't show. So obviously I'm going to call until he comes to fix it because that sink's really important to me, right?

BF: So what's his reward for coming? Plumber comes, you'd have to pay him right?

Me: Yes. Payment shall come in the form of hugs and kisses. And less whining :)

BF: OH! So you're just going to tell the plumber "Thanks for coming! I'll call you less next time!" If you're not going to pay him at least give him sex lah!


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