Monday, May 31, 2010


In Australia, I grew in Christ. I learned about myself. I learned about the God who loves me so dearly. I discovered that through Him working in me, I could do so many things I never knew I could. He turned my "No, I can't!"s into "Yes, I will!"s. He taught me to be a leader to many, a sister- in- Christ to even more, and a friend to all. These things I will forever cherish and hold in my heart.
In Australia, I had to grow up. I was forced into situations that I had to handle on my own and oh boy, handle them on my own, I did! It was good to be take that first flight off the nest. No more mommy and daddy to rescue me. Just me, my decisions and my own consequences. These things I will forever cherish and hold in my heart.
In Australia, I found dear friends. Ones I could laugh with, ones I could cry with (although being the happy-go-lucky girl that I am, there weren't very many crying moments anyway...but I know they will be there if I were to bawl my eyes out) Some I will remain friends with, some I'm bound to lose touch with, but all of them will I cherish and hold in my heart.
In Australia, I found love. And in an unexpected way too! Long-distance, schmong-schistance. Look how far we've come! YKILU. In him I found a confidante and a best friend. Oh, and in him I found the perfect hugs! :) Happily ever after? Who knows? But still I will forever cherish Chris and hold him in my heart.
Bought my ticket last night for the 24th of July. Will be returning for my graduation again in September. Oh job applications are in my near future! Woe is me! No actually, I'm quite excited. Because I have these dreams I want to achieve, and I wanna finally get moving on them!
Bye everyone. I love you all.


  1. Oh Ming I lovedlovedloved this post! You don't write a lot of raw, emotional posts but this one was so heart-felt! It made me go Awwwww. :D I love you Ming! And I know one day you'll make it so so big! I hope to learn and gain as much experience as you have love. I'm only starting my own journey. Hopefully I'll find things that I can forever cherish and hold in my heart too. Love loves Ming. Can't wait for you to get heree!

  2. *wipes tears*
    i am so touched janey. i lub you long time too! :)