Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopaholics and a Boy.

In not much of a mood for words after having edited so many shall blog in point form
  • Harbour Town shopping on Saturday with Val and Kang Wei
  • Huge place (Lovelove!)
  • Went quite crazy :(
  • But had major fun!
  • Came back with 2 dresses, a pair of shoes and a bag

Funny story about this dress. When I was paying for it, the lady at the counter told me that their shop only has one of each colour; red and green. Their Sydney branch also only has one of each colour. I felt quite lucky to have snagged up an imported rare piece just one day after it arrived at their store. After Harbour Town, we hung out in the city for a bit more and went to Myer's.

Someone was wearing my dress.


  1. your balloons still hanging in the background ;)

  2. haha yeah! i didn't have the heart to take them down.
    and i'm surprised that they're all still pretty air-filled! i'd have expected they'd be completely deflated like.. since a long time ago!

  3. HAHA like the dress story.

  4. oo nice fashion finds! you make me wanna gooo ={

  5. haha yeah it's a pretty nice place. lotsa stuff and easy to get there :) u should go