Monday, September 14, 2009

New Favourite Thing

I just spent over an hour on this site.. putting looks together. It's like those little paper dolls you used to play with as a little girl, only 100x more sophisticated. This is one of the best lookbook website I've ever used. The clothes fit perfectly on all the models and it's got different effects and settings. Heaps of fun! Made me feel like fashion stylist/magazine editor/creative director.

Some of my creations :) Apologies for the lame Look Names. I really couldn't be bothered.


  1. the one leg look might not work but the others are nice : )

  2. haha what one leg! that's a double coloured pair of tights!

    Schoo Treenddyy...

  3. hey hwei ming! stumbled upon your blog :)
    gosh i love the website! its better than polyvore <3

    anyway are you in clayton right now?

  4. yee lynn right??

    yeah i'm in clayton now! i saw jia rong before..but..haha he doesn't seem to recognise me..
    and yes..i *heart* looklet too!

  5. haha you did? he's very blur so don't mind him :) and yes it's yeelynn, all the way from primary and secondary kthnx. anyway i'll link you up yea?