Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miss Malaysia ;)

Ah I miss Malaysia already. Sigh. Here's to the next 4 months of classes, nerding and late night phone calls.

Holiday was good while it lasted anyway. Made good use of my short 3 weeks to spend time with the people I heart most :)

Oh KL streets how I've missed you., where the vandals clearly should've spent more time in school.

Cousins: Latte, Chocolate (yes yes =.=" ) and Milk.

My beloved darlings. Caryn and Wen Ming and Stacey. It's kinda sad how our group has shrunk with everyone at opposite ends of the world. But it's always nice to return to the same laughter and chit-chat; as if I'd never left at all :)

With my beautiful mommy

And my comical daddy. (He was scrutinising the Swarovski bracelet my brother and his wife got for me. I loves it! )

Langkawi (18th-20th July)
with the bf and his parentals.

Sky Bridge or whatever it was. Quite a pretty bridge I must say. New thing I learnt...Chris is (slightly) afraid of heights :)

Cable car ride

I really like this picture cos his hair is just all over the place! Adorable.

We went snorkelling too..good fun! Malaysia DOES have clear waters. I was so proud to be Malaysian for those few short hours that we swam and swam, and peered into the beauty that normally goes unnoticed.

Didn't bring my camera while swimming of course, so not pictures. But I stole one online, as evidently displayed in the photo)

Pulau Payar Marine Park

Learnt one more thing. Chris is afraid of big gangs of squirmy fish. Hehehe. <3

Duty free chocolates. Was seriously tempted to buy this huge chuppa-chup lollipop copycat. It's got heaps of normal sized lollies in it. But ah..waste money. Photo will do!
CMI (cannot make it) pose.

I love every moment I'm home for holidays. Don't think I could ever leave Malaysia for good. At least not unless I pack along my friends and family with me :)
Good times, good times.

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