Wednesday, July 15, 2009

21 + One.

I'm alive I'm alive! Don't call 911 eugene! Haha :)
I've just been enjoying myself back home. Hanging out with the family, bumming around, shopping like there's no tomorrow and going out on dates *blush* = B.L.I.S.S

And I dread having to go 10 days!!! The thought of it always makes me wanna cry. I hate goodbyes.

Althoughhhh......this time when I came home, it really felt like I've never left at all. Felt like I was there just the week before; having dinner with my family, lazing around in chris' house, sitting in the passenger seat of his car having him drive me here there everywhere (lub u!). Sigh, good times, good times aye.

I hate how time just seems to slip from my fingers when I'm back home but when I'm in Australia, there are moments when even a week seems like a year. (Okay, I'm exaggerating a tad)

Anyway, small update. Birthday (which was ages ago, but nevermind I'll just pop some random pictures) Had a little get together with my high school mates in the city. Double celebration cos my exams just ended that afternoon as well. It was nice catching up :) Even better cos my bestie Jane dropped by!

My Janey-Jane and I. Babe, I miss you already. What on earth are you doing in Australia while I'm here?? I have no shopping buddy, no neighbour. Emooooo! We better hang out heaps in December! Ooh! Excited already!
Ken 'McBuff' Gene and Yun 'Will-Never-Get-Buff' Tjin.
Ching and Sonia. Chingz looks like an old woman :D

Stupid Ken's fingers..covering the flash.

Yun's tomato red from ONE BEER.

The couple from Sydney :) Kai and Jane.

Yun said that since I am turning 21, he had to take me to Crown to I was quite game,
until I realised that I didn't have my ID with me. With my face, 21 would seem questionable to the guards. So we were all bummed out for a second ( okay, actually only Yun and Ken lol. Those gambling addicts ) until Yun cleverly suggests that I just used Ching's ID because judging from her picture, I could easily pass off as her. I resisted. No way am I going to end up in jail on my 21st!
I resisted until we were finally at Crown, about to step into the casino. My friends went before I had no choice but to hand in "my" ID and appear as calm and nonchalant as possible. Longest 2 seconds of my life when the guard was checking my face to the picture.
"Okay, you're alright " * Let's me pass through *
" Thank you " Composed smile and nod.
*casually walks off*
" OMG YUN I AM SO NAUGHTY!!! " *big grin*

Ken, Yun and I teamed up for the roulette and won a total of us each a winning of AUD 15. Measly....but i was super happy and was jumping about excitedly. XD

On another note,
We Turn One.

Yes! One year has gone by. I can't believe it. I won't say much here cos I'm not much of a express-your-love-for-the-world-to-see kinda person but you know how much I love you honey. Thank you for everything you've done; big or small, and everything that you are to me :) Distance- schmistance. We'll make it through okay? Loves.
Ps: As much as I love you, I think I have to give up on ever getting a nice picture of the both of us. You suck.

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