Tuesday, June 16, 2009

21 Before 21

I'm on my way to becoming a full fledged adult. Turning 21 never really excited me though. Neither did it scare me that age was 'catching up'. I guess I was just indifferent. Just another year. But I do expect beautiful yet simple celebrations with my loved ones though..and that's what excites me. I can't wait :)

Speaking of celebrations, Val threw me a little birthday dinner at Shira Nui aptly planned 21 days before my 21st. Had to do it this way cos everyone would be busy studying later..and she'd be back in Singapore by then. Not to mention that pathetic ol' me will only be taking my final exam on my actual birthday. Lovely, absolutely lovely! T.T

This thing is freaking gooood!!! I don't eat raw salmon right (or any other raw fish for that matter) but this is super awesome. It's nicely seared on the top and raw at the bottom. Glorious sushi. I was birthday girl, so I got 2. Yay.

Sashimi plate. Of which I ate only 10% of. I was forced to eat some salmon, so I did..I don't hate it as much as I used to. It's actually quite alright :)

I was having a majorly bad camera face day...so this is the best shot of me. Hoho.
Glenda and her gigolos (one per night). Chosen ones: Kang Wei, Jem, Daryl.

Masterchef! Michelin chef ok! The guys kept loudly exclaiming that it was my birthday in the hopes of getting some free stuff. So when we took a picture with him, they rather unsubtly mentioned it and so he gave me 2 free tiny chardonnays! I gave one to Glenda cos it was actually her birthday the next day! After taking the picture, he....kissed us on the head. Took me by surprise but he looked so grandfatherly I just couldn't accuse him of 'fei lai'. (taking advantage)

I like this picture! Although Glenda's face is half cut off :(

Erm. Wearing Val's napkin bra over my eyes. We failed miserably at attempting to be cultured and high-class; what with Val making napkin bras, Glenda doing cleavage training and the guys burping alphebets.

So cute. KW looks so chummy chummy with Mr.Masterchef-san!

I *heart* polaroids! <3

I had such a good time. Great food, fantastic company. Thanks for organising Val! :) *mwah* Here's to the next 21 years!

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