Thursday, May 12, 2011

How Are Some People So Amazing?

So beautiful. So, so beautiful.





Nicole Warne via Chictopia; Caroline Issa via Le Fashion Image; Harley Viera Newton via Le Fashion Image; Someone's feet via Jak & Jil Blog

I can't keep my eyes off the mustard pants, the pastel green pleated skirt, the uh-mayh-zing yellow Celine Boston bag and those gorgeous leather shoes.

Speaking of Celine, I work in the company that actually distributes the brand in Malaysia, and yet I am nowhere closer to owning one for myself. Ah, such are the drawbacks of glorious luxury.

I feel so uninspired lately. I seem to have nothing to blog about these days. Everything is so routine now. Weekdays= wake up, go to work, come home, K.O. Weekends= wake up, chill, K.O.

In fact, typing the letters 'K' and 'O' now is making me realise that I am pretty darn KO-ed already. And it ain't even midnight yet!

Oh help me.

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