Monday, August 10, 2009

Overcoming Grampians

The weekend beckoned myself and 9 others to the Grampians for a beautiful getaway filled with nature and fun. The Gila-Gila Galatians (my cell) + EnCor + Ivie (loner) started off on the journey at 11+ am. Pretty late due to some car rental issues, but who cares when the schedule is in your hands and anything goes? :D

We arrived at our accomodation to chuck our stuff before heading off to check out the sights and man were we estatic when we saw the place! It was amazing! The girls screamed over the view, the rooms, the bath tub and practically everything else! I suppose the main reason we were all so happy was because we only had to pay AUD25 per person and I'm guessing none of expected that it was going to be that luxurious. The place even had those free little shampoos and bath gels just like in the hotels, clean towels, utensil-filled kitchen and barbeque pit! (which we used for dinner) All thanks for Bryan we slept comfortably and happily.

The view from our accomodation. Can see kangaroos during the day. Cute :D

Day 2- The Pinnacle
We took about 4 hours in total to hike up and down the Pinnacle by foot. Longer than expected cos we took a wrong turn along the way; one that led us up a very steep path that never seemed to end. I whine (occassionally ahem!) everytime I looked up to see that the steep path uphill, just kept getting even more uphill. Kang Wei played commando to the girls lagging behind (myself NOT included!) and tempted them with water (which he held posession of) to keep them from stopping. So evil.
When we reached the peak though, no complaints were heard. The view was breath taking; worth every aching muscle and joint. Thank God for the lovely weather too.

The Return of the Lion King.

We arrived back in Clayton around 10+ at night after having a hearty dinner in the city. I came home extremely tired was so happy to be greeted by my beautiful bed. Had an awesome time in Grampians though woot! Next week, snowboarding in Mt Hotham! Bring it on!

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